[Closed] Frontier's New Years Eve VA @ KDEN - 312200ZDEC16

Server: Training Server

Region: Denver International

Airport: KDEN

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: What’s up guys it’s your favorite ;) CEO and host 508 back with the pinnacle, the doorway if you will into a new year. Now you see a lot of Airlines advertising events for the first day of the fresh new year. 🎉 What you get from Fonriter is a little different. We are the door you will walk through, or more accurately fly through, and come out the other end into 2017. So stay tuned, don’t leave, and most importantly don’t drop lemon juice in wounds because that stings like hell.
Anyways, 😂, if you attended our Christmas event kudos to you! You are the beast! I personally had a blast and saw so many incredible names flying. If you liked that event make sure you click the application button in our link provided below and I’ll meet you with a huge smile in Frontier VA’s slack.

If you attended our last mass Virtual Airline event in which we had 5 Virtual Airlines attend and over 30 pilots. I suggest checking this out as well. If you haven’t, boom, here’s a new fresh chance.
The night before 2017 and all our breathes are hushed. With this milestone around the corner I bring you one of the last 2016 Infinite Flight Events, if not the last.
Frontier Virtual Airlines has been blessed to recently cross the 50 active pilots mark.


Denver International Airport IRL Airline gating

So to start off this event let me give you an up to date photo of where you can expect each airline to be gating at in relation to what you want to fly and all of that fun stuff.

VA Terminal A

Terminal A/ Concourse A (International Arrival Terminal)

(Frontier Airlines gates A32-46)
Gate A32: Infinite.Flight
Gate A34: Capt1uhb
Gate A36: Captain_Matt
Gate A38: Tecnam2TA
Gate A40: mike_mclain
Gate A44: Ace_Rockii
Gate A46: EK777
Gate A48: Tombbomb777
Gate A50: Harris_Carvel
Gate A52
: @Captaink

(American Airlines Gates)
Gate A53:
Gate A51: Drew33950
Gate A49:

(Spirit Airlines Gates)
Gate A52:
Gate A56:

(Air Canada Gates)
Gate A47:
Gate A45: Puncakes

(Lufthansa Gates)
Gate A43:
Gate A41:

(Virgin America/Iclendair)
Gate A39:

(British Airways B747)
Gate A37: @AdamCallow

(JetBlue/Volaris Gates)
Gate A35:
Gate A33:

(Delta Airlines Gates)
Gate A31: USA007
Gate A29: Captcurt
Gate A27: r3life
Gate A26:
Gate A28:
Gate A30:

VA Terminal B

(United Virtual Airlines Gates)
Gate B16:
Gate B18: KevinLu
Gate B20: Blizzard
Gate B22: Mix56awesome
Gate B24:
Gate B26:
Gate B28:
Gate B30:
Gate B32:
Gate B34:
Gate B36:

(British Airways OverFlow Gates)
Gate B15: Mauricio_Diaz
Gate B17: Panther
Gate B19: SirBinary
Gate B21: @Nichalas_Petranek
Gate B23: @IFATClewis
Gate B25: Joshua_Fleming
Gate B27: LouDon16
Gate B29: CaptainJosh
Gate B31_: @Pandu_Margi
Gate B33: @John_Bob

(NetJets VA Gates):
Gate B59: NetJets_Nick
Gate B61: Flightfan84
Gate B63: DeerCrusher
Gate B65: GamingLab
Gate B67: Gulfstreampilot
Gate B69: @Californianspotter

(The Group Gates):
Gate B38: AR_AR
Gate B40: CPKJ
Gate B42: Kenny
Gate B44:: Procrastinator_Kenny
Gate B46: @DeltaCRJ-900
Gate B48: Wren_Jago

Due to lack of United Airlines VA pilots, Terminal B is also being used to host fictional airlines as well as overflow from virtual airlines at Terminals A and C that can’t fit all of their members.

(More gates are available for overflow and fictional airlines)

VA Terminal C

(Southwest Airlines Gates)
Gate C24: Captain_Patrick
Gate C26: @Hyestar123
Gate C28: Captain_Rojas
Gate C30: AggieAirlines
Gate C32: Ashton_Liberty
Gate C34: @StarAllianceLover
Gate C36:
Gate C38:

Thank you guys for taking the time to scroll through this and remember that we are now investing in you guys not just you in us. So from one virtual airline to another consider accepting this challenge of bringing your airline. Any fictional Airlines with routes I ndenver please contact me and I’ll get in touch and work the details.
Anyways I’ll see you in this the last event of 2016. If you don’t fly with any of the VAs represented here, sign up and come as your favorite airline that flies through here or your favorite VA. If gates for your favorite airline are not available please comment below and I will speedily assign gates for you guys.
Thank you. Happy New Year!

Virtual Airlines Attending

  1. LouDon16 and Joshua_Fleming = British Airways image
    Hope you at BA can make it :)

  2. tranquil_skyflyer = Air Canda Virtual

  3. Captain_Rojas = Southwest Virtual Airlines

  4. USA007 = Delta Virtual Airlines

  5. Blizzard = United Virtual Airlines

  6. Infinite.flight = Frontier Virtual Airlines

  7. NetJets Nick = NetJets VA

  8. Ar_Ar = The Group (trademarked)

Official Amount of Attendees: 45


This thread will be constantly evolving so make sure you keep an eye on it and check the details every time to see if anything has changed.


Sign me up, as usual!


Sign me up bro


Is there a draw for the gift cards as Thai would really benefit from these.


Is southwest VA still attending? :)


Of course! I’m notifying pilots as we speak!


Thai Airways will not be able to gain from this event as it’s only Denver Airport virtual airlines, my deepest regrets. However you can attend in your favorite American Airlines livery :)


If you could either supply me a list of names or have them ocmment I’d really appreciate it :) you have the entire 50 gates ;) at Terminal C.


Welcome back aboard :)


Alright will do! :)


So excited to see Southwest there :)


I’ve also made this a wiki (my first) so if you as regulars would like to sign yourself up, please do so.


Make sure you read the entire thread and peruse. I hope to see many familiar faces and Airlines come to this giveaway 2017 beginning event :)


United Virtual will be officially attending! Can you sign me up for B20?


Because you already have a gate set, it would be most helpful if you gave out your own allocations with the set that has been reserved for you. added benefit is that you can give yourself whichever gate you would like!

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Anyone that wishes to come and represent British Airways is always welcome to do so! Please message me for a gate and a guest callsign if you are not a British Airways VA member. If you are a member, please use your assigned callsign.

Feel free to apply to become a pilot at British Airways by visiting our website here.

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I’m fully aware of that but, thanks anyways.


no problem!

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I will be attending with United Virtual, I’ll take Gate B22 :)

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