(closed) Frontier's KCOS Opening @ KCOS - 022000ZAPR17

Server: Expert

Region: Denver, Colorado

Departing Airport: KCOS

Arriving Airport: KMTJ and KASE

Time: 2000Z



Frontier Airlines (the real world airline) has announced it is beginning 5 seasonal routes from Colorado Springs Airport to the following destinations: Orlando, Chicago, Las Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington. To celebrate this move by the airline, FVA is announcing its opening at KCOS as a minihub with these same 5 destinations for global.
Since we, obviously, cannot fly globally, the plan is to takeoff from KCOS and begin flying in the direction of Las Angeles and San Francisco. All passengers onboard for a flight to LAX will be arriving at KMTJ. All passengers for SanFran will be arriving at Aspen for this event.

KCOS - KMTJ Flightplan

KCOS - KASE Flightplan

If you are interested or know someone interested in doing some deep rugged mountain flying, please make sure to comment below joining or inform them of this event. We appreciate all the support and assistance the community gives FVA!

Parking Gate 1: @Tecnam2TA (KASE)
Parking Gate 2: @Cpt.TC (KASE)
Parking Gate 3: Captain_Matt (KMTJ)
Parking Gate 4: @unitedfc (KMTJ)
Parking Gate 5: Infinite.flight (KASE)
Parking Gate 6: @Darth_Sidious (KASE)
Parking Gate 7: @anon34936691 (KMTJ)
Parking Gate 8: @Mix56awesome (KMTJ)
Parking Gate 9: @KoolKidRayJ (MKTJ)
Parking Gate 10: @mike_mclain (KASE)
Parking Gate 11: @SWAPWLA (KASE)
Parking Gate 12: @Drew33950 (KMTJ)

Please post below what Gate you would like and what airport you are heading to. Hope everyone is having an amazing day! :)
Note: FVA is not responsible for IFATC ghosting, violations, or user incurred reporting while flying an FVA event.


This looks like a fun event! Sign me up.

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Welcome aboard my friend.


Sign me up please this seems fun.


Welcome aboard a gate has been assigned. Enjoy your flight :)

Gate 6 please! Just to confirm, is it 10PM? 2200Z?

No it is 2000Z which means it is 4pm eastern coast and 1 pm western coast. Don’t know how you got 10pm haha but yeah this is an afternoon vent not evening.

Maybe that is his local time.

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I got 10 because 10 in 24 hour time is 2200

I see now. Zulu/UTC time isn’t the same as local 24 hour time. What time zone are you in? I can give you a conversion.

London, thanks, not the exact city I live in though :)

London time is 4 hours ahead of US eastern time, so that would be 8 PM your time if I calculated correctly.

Yep, I’ll definitely be able to make it :)


Sign me up on gate 2 to LAX

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Welcome aboard my friend.

Great Event! Do I have to be part of Frontier Virtual to attend? If not, sign me up for gate 2!

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Anyone can join! Glad to have you here. :) @SkyHighGuys will add you to the list ASAP.


Thanks will be there!


Sign me up, I need to redeem myself for missing the last one.


Couldn’t have worded it better myself noble sir. Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight!

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