[Closed] Frontier's Inaugural Flight into London @ EGBB - 052100ZFEB17

Server: Expert

Region: EGBB

Airport: London

Time: 2100Z

Information: Hey guys it’s your CEO and host 508 back with a special event that will be celebrating the releasment of a major update to Frontier Virtual Airlines.
But first, if you enjoyed the last event of doing some interesting and at some points dangerous low passes over Chicago’s airports, make sure you hit that application link and I’ll meet you halfway in our slack ;). #flyfrontier #acarrierwhocares.


Vital Inflight Information
Altitude upon takeoff: FL200
Cruising Speed: 320-340 knots
Departure Airport: EGBB
Arrival Airport: EGLL

Today is going to be a historical day in FVA. We have decided to open routes into London. Now before anyone corrects me, this is purely a fictional and completely unrealistic move in terms of the real world airline. Frontier VA is opening its beta program for those who want to fly with Frontier Virtual but don’t like our routes. As time increase we will be opening more routes into Europe and Asia. But for now we are opening this program with our first official Frontier Route into Europe*.
To celebrate this, we are having a shorter flight in the London Region using any of the following from Frontier Virtuals fleet:
A318 (Frontier livery)
A319 (Generic Livery)
A321 (Generic)
More information will be shared about this event in the following days. For more information on our move in this new performance, watch our official Frontier thread.

Gates at EGBB:

Terminal 10: Infinite.flight
Terminal 11: Captain_Matt
Terminal 12: Tecnam2ta
Terminal 13: Mix56awesome
Terminal 14: Puncakes
Terminal 15: @Mike
Terminal 16: @NismoKits
Terminal 20: @Liam_purcell
Terminal 21: @Captaink
Terminal 22: @Drew33950
Terminal 23: @DeltaCRJ-900
Terminal 24: @CaptJackson
Terminal 25: @CaptainSam
Terminal 40: @John370
Terminal 41: @Hamza_Adan
Terminal 42:
Terminal 43:

(Note: Frontier VA is not responsible for any violations, IFATC ghosting, and/or user ghostings)



Hey there, may I ask for the date and where can I apply for the airline?

Sign me up! I’ll take terminal 13.

Sign me up. I’ll take any

Date is 5th of Feb and 2100Z. If you need further help contact me in a private message.
And you can sign up on our link above.

@Mix56awesome and @Puncakes your gates have been reserved. Welcome aboard.

When you are the route manager for Frontier VA and never got told about this…


Gotta love the perks of being CEO ;)

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Put me next to Puncakes!

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May you sign me up. Ill take any terminal.

Welcome aboard. Enjoy your flight :).
@NismoKits welcome to your first event here at FVA. Enjoy your flight :)

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Definatly add me in please

On behalf of our staff I welcome you aboard. Enjoy your flight :)

Sign me up FFT2017. Captain.

Thanks man looking forward to it

Nice seeing a familiar face back on board. Enjoy your flight.

Looks like iI should be able to make it. Ill take whatever gate

Glad to hear that. Gate reserved. Enjoy your flight :)

Looking for more pilots interested in celebrating this flight with us.

Sign me up! Terminal 23 please! :)