[Closed] Frontier's Eagle and Aspen Meetup @ KASE/KEGE - 222100ZJAN17


Server: Training Server 1

Region: Denver

Airport: Eagle County and Aspen

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Whaaaaaaaaaaats up guys it’s your favorite CEO and host 508 back with what I consider a particularly amusing event. But first, that ever familiar “blah blah Recruitment blah blah” that every person loves to read am I right ;)?
If you attended our Carribean Cruise and did not have to go around once, kudos to you lol. It was not a stress free cruise I can tell you that. I loved seeing each and every one of the pilots who were able to make it and to our YouTuber @Tecnam2TA for filing a recap video for us. If you liked what you saw make sure you sign up on the application page provided below in the link and I’ll meet you halfway in a private message.


Let me dive right in to the fun details of what you can expect in this event. Okay, first, there will be two teams of A318s in the Frontier Livery. One will be under the command of my COO @Cessna_Driver who will be running the Eagle County Crew! Below are the specific details, pay attention!

Eagle County Crew

Flightplan: image

Parking Gates:
Gate 01: captain_matt
Gate 02: Hamza_Adan
Gate 03: Q400fan
Gate 04: CaptainSam
Gate 05: @DeltaCRJ-900
Gate 06: @Puncakes
Gate 07: @Jules_GNINKOUN
Gate 08: @Tecnam2TA
Gate 09:
Gate 10:

Vital Inflight Information:
Cruising Speed: 320 knots
Cruising Altitude: FL210
Departure Airport: Eagle County
Arrival Airport: Denver International Airport
Arrival Ruwnay: 35R
Eagle Crew Leader: Tecnam2ta

Aspen Pitcon Fliers

Flightplan: image

Parking Gates:
Terminal Gate 1: Infinite.flight
Terminal Gate 2: AdamCallow
Terminal Gate 3: Rjr1125
Terminal Gate 4: Mike
South Hanger 1: @unitedfc
South Hanger 2: @Captaink
South Hanger 3: @mike_mclain
South Hanger 4: @Drew33950
Hanger M1: @Dairell_Martinez

Vital Inflight Information
Cruising Speed: 320 knots
Cruising Altitude FL190
Departure Airport: Aspen Pitcon Field
Arrival Airport: Denver International Airport
Arrival Runway: 35L
Aspen Leader: Infinite.Flight

Livestream link

All the information, gates, inflight information, is found within each of the little tabs above. Depending on what airport you decide to fly out of, you will be assigned under one of the airports. Pay attention to all information inside that tab. You do not have to pay attention to the other airport.
For example, if you’re part of Aspen Fliers, you look under that tab but you don’t have to look under Eagle Crew tab.

If you have any questions whatsoever please notify me I will be more then happy to help. I believe this event is going to be awesome lol. Two teams of minimum 6-10 pilots each all flying out of their respective airports and meeting up at Denver for the landing.
The way I have this event set up, Eagle County Crew will be landing 35L and Aspen Pitkon Fliers on 35R so guess what that means? Beautiful parallel approaches for days!!
If you’d like to sign up for a team and then practice the route in, please do. If you’re new to the Denver Region make sure you pay very close attention to the altitudes for each airport. You should intercept the localizer at Denver at around 9000 feet give or take instead of the normal 3000 feet. This is why Denver is awesome, it’s much more tricky.
On behalf of your friendly airline and the crew on the flight deck, it is my humble pleasure to welcome you aboard.

Note: Frontier VA is not responsible for violations or user ghosting incurred on this flight.


Remember to comment if you’re coming AND what airport you want to fly out of. Have a great bossitronio day ;) #flyfrontier #acarrierwhocares


Sign me up. KEGE crew. Thanks :)

Damn school wish I could come!

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I shall be coming

KASE ( What else) And Terminal gate 4 if I may

Ooohhhh an IFATC ;) I’m sure my COO will like that. Ahem, on the serious side, welcome Aboard friend it’s a pleasure seeing you back. Been a while! Your gate has been reserved please take the time to carefully read all information relating to Eagle county’s tab. Have a wonderful flight.

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Adam old friend welcome Board. You’ll be tagging with me on this flight. Thank you ;) gate has been assigned. Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight.

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We gonna miss you 😭 keep an eye out for our next event. But if you don’t mind me asking…you have school on Sunday? @unitedfc

I should be able to make it :)
Sign me up @SkyHighGuys!!

What group would you like to be flying with today?

January 17 is a Tuesday on Earth.

I’ll be apart of the Aspen group :)

Sign me up please FFT2017

It’s not on the 17th…that’s the year. January 2017. The date is the 22nd. This Sunday. I can supply some links to reading the way we put dates here if you’d like :) (also there is no need to be rude) @unitedfc

Basically this is how we put up dates:

[Date][Zulu Time][Month][Year] so [22nd][2100Z][JAN]['17]

What group would you like to be flying with? Aspen or Eagle?
@Dairell_Martinez welcome aboard. Enjoy your flight :)

Sorry their was no intention to be rude. My apologies>

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Apology accepted. Can you make it or are you still doing ahem school ;)

I will definitely come

KASE T-4 If still available

Roger T4 is available you’ve been logged and reserved. Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight!