[Closed] Frontier's Denver Free Flight @ KDEN - 202100ZNOV16

Server: Training 1

Region: Denver Colorado

Airport: KDEN

Time: 2100

Aircraft: A318 (frontier livery) or A319-321 (generic livery)

What’s up guys it’s you Frontier CEO and host 508 back with our newest event. As always though, a little shameless recruitment ;).
If you guys attended our last massive event or any events prior to that and have not yet pursued the idea of joining, consider clicking the link provided below and I’d be more then happy to welcome you aboard.

Well moving on to our last event, if you missed it you missed an incredible turnout and an amazing group of pilots. We had 17 pilots takeoff and 19 pilots land. So a huge shoutout to all who attended that event.

So without further ado, let me introduce you into our next event.
Denver Free Flight is as follows:

  1. all aircraft spawn at KDEN according to gate assignments at 2100Z
  2. you pushback and taxi to your runway once FFT508 has spawned in. Once he has announced taxi event has begun and you can taxi to your designated runway and create your own flightplan, or you can follow him or his destination. Up to you guys.


Like I said flightplan is up to you but if you want I can show my flightplan in the comments. Come in any of the Frontier aircraft just make sure it’s generic livery if it is not the A318.

Gate Assignments Concourse A:

Gate A25: mlmorar
Gate A26: Kudzuchimp
Gate A27: Captain_Matt
Gate A28: Infinite.flight
Gate A29: @Mix56awesome
Gate A30: @Tecnam2TA
Gate A31: mike_mclain
Gate A32: @Nichalas_Petranek
Gate A33: @Wren_Jago
Gate A34: @EK777
Gate A35: AdamCallow
Gate A36: @Derposaurus
Gate A37: @Puncakes
Gate A38: Panther
Gate A39: @Aviaperevozchik
Gate A40: @Captain_Brenneman
Gate A41: @TnT_YT

User flying out of BFK: zbelle

Thank you for flying

Note: Frontier VA is not responsible for violations or user ghosting incurred whilst attending an event.



Also within the next day or so…Frontier is releasing a very special announcement…and here it is provided in the link below. Hope you enjoy!


Sign me up!

Welcome aboard my friend. Thanks for flying with us.

BKF for me in the CCX.

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Welcome back aboard Frontier Virtual its nice seeing you. Yourgate has been reserved.

I’ll definitely be there, the last event was awesome :)


I’m so glad you enjoyed your previous flight with us :) welcome back aboard and thanks for choosing Frontier as your carrier.

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Pretty sure I’ll be able to attend. Looking forward to it

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Your gate has been reserved. Welcome back aboard.

I’ll be there.

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Welcome back aboard nice seeing your face my friend :) thanks for flying frontier.

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EVENT HAS BEEN moved to 2100Z one hour earlier hope that’s fine for everyone. Receruitment is still open as well so keep coming :)

Add me as well. Gate A35 please

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Welcome aboard Frontier Airlines nonstop to YOUR destination! Thanks for flying with us on your first adventure. Hope you enjoy :)

Thank you very much. Looking forward to flying with all of you


Sign me up please, but I’m not sure because of the time.
But nice work @SkyHighGuys with organizing these events.
It is really nice to fly for Frontier.

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I’ll do it if you’ll accept me

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Welcome aboard Frontier Virtual nonstop to YOUR Denver Region destination. Thank you for flying us and enjoy your flight. Cheers from the flight deck 🍻

Welcome back aboard my friend. Glad you enjoy these flights the real pleasure is having you aboard :) cheers from the flight deck 🍻