[Closed] Frontier's Delta Discovery @ KASE - 192100ZFEB17

As you guys can hopefully tell, I am not @SkyHighGuys. We both have decided that I should be in charge of the events from here forward. The post regarding this can be found here.

For the first Frontier Virtual event under my jurisdiction, we will be flying from KASE to KMTJ, a delta that is a regional airport in real life. This event will also include a return flight. I am planning on making this type of event a series. With each time “discovering” a new spiffy delta airport that deserves more flying attention. We have also recently added the Dash-8 Q400 to our Frontier Fleet, so that will be the main aircraft of choice, generic livery. If you do not have that, feel free to come in a Frontier A318. But please remember everyone - you do not have to be a Frontier Virtual pilot to join this event!

Server: Expert

Time: 2100 Zulu, Sunday, February 19th - If you do not know your time in Zulu, a conversion chart can be found here.

Region: Denver

Aircraft: A318 (Frontier) or Q400 (Generic)

Cruise Altitude: FL180/18,000 Feet

Cruise Speed: 280 Knots IAS

The Plan:. Spawn in no later than 2100 Zulu and copy FFT1922’s Flight Plan. 5 minutes past the hour, I (FFT1922) will announce taxi to Runway 33. You will then take off in an orderly manner, since this is expert, and follow the flight plan you had previously copied off of me. Start your decent whenever you feel is appropriate, but please follow the cruise altitude and speed provided above. Once you land at KMTJ’s runway 17, proceed to taxi to runway 13, and copy the new flight plan from me. Once your all set, take off and follow the flight plan for our return flight to KASE. Once you’ve safely landed, taxi to parking for a fantastic group selfie!

[details=The Route]
Please note: Do not expect to follow this exactly! You will copy the flight plan from me prior to takeoff. These are just for a basic visual reference on what to expect.

Outbound Flight

Retuen Flight



South Hanger 1: Captain_Matt
South Hanger 2: @SkyHighGuys
South Hanger 3: @Mix56awesome
South Hanger 4: @DeltaCRJ-900
Terminal Gate 1: @Tecnam2TA
Terminal Gate 2: @Mike
Terminal Gate 3: @Drew33950
Terminal Gate 4: @sapper
Hanger N1: @John370
Hanger N2: @Ryan_Farell
Hanger N3: @Hamza_Adan

Please reply to this event or private message me if you would like to join, include which gate if you have a preference. Other than that, feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

If you have any event suggestions for future Frontier events, don’t hesitate to send them to me in a PM!

Since this is a Frontier Virtual event, I’m going to have to do a little self promotion. ;)

If you want to join Frontier Virtual and enjoy miniature pilot organized events like these daily, below is our main topic and our recruitment form.

Frontier Virtual Main Topic
Frontier Virtual Recruitment Form

Now, I have a quick poll that I would love if you would take the time to vote on. Should Frontier Virtual have its events every week, or every other week?

  • Every week
  • Every other week

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I’ll go in the Dash 8 and I’ll take gate A26.

As for this…

I like it every week, I look forward to go to Frontier’s event every Sunday :)


Same my friend I as well :)


I might be able to come to this on the Cancun International Airport spotty wifi network…unfortunately I have a flight back to KMSP during this event. I’m very glad to see that the good 'ol Q finally made it into Frontier VA!

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Alright, I’ll sign you up just in case. :)

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Great! Hopefully I can make it to at least some of the event.

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Alright everybody, I have one more poll. This one as well as the previous are both important for deciding how we do events in the future. Now, should we conduct events on the Training Server, or the Expert Server?

  • Training Server
  • Expert Server

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I’ll attend. Add me to the list. I haven’t actually flown at a Frontier event in months. I’ll still try to make a cool recap video while I’m at it though. :)


Put me down Matt… And I say every week also, I believe it’s been a big part of the large growth of the VA… Imho


I should be able to make it to this one.


All new pilots will be addded soon :) thank you for your patience.

I’d like to attend can I have gate A31please.

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Absolutely :) welcome aboard my friend! @Cessna_Driver

Gate please. Thanks!

Shall do! See you there! :)

I will miss @SkyHighGuys’s events. They were what inspired me to make Plane & Pilot Events. But you are doing a great job as well.


Thank you, I personally miss him doing the events as well. If you have any feedback, I’m all ears. :)

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Thank you for your feedback mate. I did this transition because I believed I wasn’t able to fully preform admirably in this area and still be good in the area of global prep and the podcast. As much as I feel like I can do anything lol I have to set limits even for myself if I want my A+ work


Could you do It on casual server

Sadly casual wouldn’t be an option. It would be way too chaotic.

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