[Closed] Frontier's CRJ Rework Flight @ KSAN - 192000ZMAR17

Hello and thank you for this event.
Is it still possible to join ?
If yes, thank you for a gate number.
Cheers and see you in the air, DUDAIR.

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Yep! You can still join. You will be gate 4. :)

Thanks a lot.
See you there.
Ps : is there a leading plane ?

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Yes, I should be the leading plane. FFT1922 is my callsign.

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Still attending. N345DF.

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Can I help you out here? I really don’t suggest any altitude, because one person at a higher altitude than everyone else can definitely mess things up. I suggest…

KSAN - KPSP > 7,500 feet

KPSP - KLAX > 8,500 feet

KLAX - KSAN > 13,500 feet

This is just more realistic.

Captain Matt, may I have a gate please? I promise to behave :)


Alright, you’re signed up!

I have my 👀 On you mike lol

Too late to join? If not, could I get a gate?

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It’s never too late! You are gate 3.

Thank you! See you in an hour right?

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Yep, one hour from now. Be there 5 minutes early.


I’m gonna be late to this. Some things just came up. 😒


Just come when you can :)

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Forget it, I’ll be early. :)


event is getting underway

I can’t spawn because I’m grade 2!

@DeltaCRJ-900 Wanna slow down a bit for spacing? :)

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Sadly I couldn’t make it to the event, but look at all those CRJ’s!

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