[Closed] Frontier's CRJ Rework Flight @ KSAN - 192000ZMAR17

Hello fellow forum goers!

I am proud to announce Frontier Virtuals next event. This event is not necessarily Frontier related however, more sponsored. This event is to help spread the love for all the CRJ series, and to promote a rework for this lovely aircraft and series.


This event is in no way meant to criticize or force FDS to rework this aircraft. All this event is trying to do is promote this lovely aircraft and spread the love! ❤️

The Plan

For this event, we will takeoff from San Diego International (KSAN) and head north over the mountains towards Palm Springs (KPSP) for a touch and go. Then, we will head westbound towards the beautiful Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) for another touch and go. After the touch and go we will proceed off the coast of Southern California until we are inbound to land back at our starting point. (KSAN). If you would like to stay for a picture afterwards, it would be highly appreciated!

Before we take off, be sure to copy the fight plan from FFT1922, otherwise known as me.

Event Information

Time: 2000 Zulu, Sunday, March 19th - Zulu Conversion Chart. Please be there 5 minutes early. We are leaving at 2000. Please note the time change on March 12th if you are in the U.S.

Region: Southern California

Server: Expert

Aircraft: CRJ-200

Livery: Only one livery, so, uh, United Express?

Callsign: FFT(Set of 3-4 numbers) Example: FFT9381

Cruising Speed: 320 Knots IAS

Cruising Altitude: Any, as long as you can decend in time for the TnGs.

If you would like to join, simply reply to this post saying you’re interested and your preferred gate number. (If you have one)

Gate 1: Captain_Matt
Gate 2: Infinite.flight
Gate 3: @Flight_i
Gate 4: DUDAIR
Gate 5: Abhishek_Vij
Gate 6: FlyFi
Gate 7: DeltaCRJ-900
Gate 8: @Cpt_Chris
Gate 9: @mike_mclain
Gate 10: @Mix56awesome
Gate 11: @Derposaurus
Gate 12: @Drew33950
Gate 13: @Gerardo_Chaparro
Gate 14: @Jules_GNINKOUN
Gate 15: @Marshall_Hilfman
Gate 16: @Mike
Gate 17:

Since this is a Frontier Virtual event, I’m going to have to do a little self promotion. ;)

If you want to join Frontier Virtual and enjoy miniature pilot organized events like these daily, below is our main topic and our recruitment form.

Frontier VA Main Topic
Frontier VA Recruitment Form


Very excited for this event. I love those photos Matt :) thanks for signing me up.


I FULLY support this event. Put me down for Gate 6.


Thanks for the support. I’ll mark you down, welcome aboard!


Sign me up gate 3 please


This looks like a nice cruise with some challenge. Don’t let the Crj 200 fool you this little bird will test even the seasoned pilots


Add me for gate 4. Good event idea.


Put me down for gate 7! Nice event with the CRJ.


Here is a some recommendations for cruising altitude for those who maybe unsure or would like a reference and again like @Cessna_Driver has stated feel free to use your own.
KSAN-KPSP FL 220-240
KPSP-KLAX FL 180-200
KLAX-KSAN FL 260-280

Hope this is helpful this little bird is definitely impressive in the sky’s


Sign me up seems fun.


Wait just realized I might be on vacation let me check.


A warning and tip for y’all…if you want to see me nose plant this tiny bird into the ground on our first touch and go come! I’ll have to put some serious work into my flying this girl since I have never even tried flying the CRJ before.


Ha I did yesterday placed the nose right in the ground on touch down it’s a tricky little bird but I think I got her figured out to.

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Give me a gate! Would love to show up! And i will also join frontier lol


If you’d like to join Frontier please contact myself or Matt in a PM and go to ur website where you can find the application link :)

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I don’t have live, but I support the CRJ!


Gonna have to cancel realized I will be in Florida :(.

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If I can make it I’ll take gate12.


Xwelcome onboard this flight enjoy your trip!

Very good event @Cessna_Driver. I would really like to come…pls get me gate 5

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