[Closed] Frontier's Chicago Crisis @ KMDW - 292100ZJAN17

Server: Expert

Region: Chicago IL

Airport: KMDW

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: What’s up guys it’s your favorite CEO and host 508 back with our latest event.
If you tried out our last Training Server One event I congrat your it was a tough one. But more than 13 pilots braved the grade 1 regions to fly. We also gained two new pilots due to that event. So thank you everyone for flying Frontier Flight DEN nonstop to Denver International Airport. As always, click the link below if you are interested in joining.

Flightplan: image

So, what may this crisis in Chicago contain? Scenario:

Captain 508 stepped into the cockpit, nodding politely to his copilot. The aircraft began its pushback, the pilots checking systems, turning the APU to on and flipping through checklists
“Ladies and gentlemen we welcome you aboard this flight from O’Hare to Denver. Flight attendants we are first in line for takeoff. Please be seated.”
The aircraft took off. The gear pulled into the undercarriage. 508 suddenly realized that one of the gear lights was not turning green. He tapped the console. One of the landing gear was stuck, not entirely latched into flight position
“O’Hare Tower, this is F9508. Uh we are announcing a possible malfunction with the landing gear. Can we return and do a low flyby to confirm?”

However, due to the severity of traffic, F9508 was told to do low flybys over two other airports before being allowed to return for one check. The tower confirmed…wait. What did the tower confirm?

Haha today’s event is bringing to you a unique type of Flight. Join Frontier Virtual Airlines as we take to the skies in this uncertain period, stressed as we try to find out if our landing gear are locked in the upright position. Join us as we fly and do some very low (not quite touch and goes) passes over the airports shown in the flightplan.

You will find out the status of your aircraft after the event is over and a mass announcement is made.

Gate A01: Captain_Matt
Gate A02: Infinite.Flight
Gate A03: @Collin_Mihalovich
Gate A04A: Puncakes
Gate A04B: mike_mclain
Gate A05: Hamza_Adan
Gate A07: Will_Grodahl
Gate A09: Mike
Gate A11: Mix56awesome
Gate A12: DeltaCRJ-900
Gate A13: @Dairell_Martinez
Gate A14: @Drew33950
Gate A15: @Kevinlu11
Gate A16: @Captaink
Gate A17: @Hayden_Mundell
Gate A18: @ProMustafaTK
Gate A19: @unitedfc

IFATC To Be Present:
@AdamCallow : KORD
@cleipelt : KMDW

Note: Frontier Virtual is not responsible for violations, IFATC ghosting, and/or user ghosting incurred on this flight. Please come and be respectful to those pilots around you.



Sign me up🎟

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On behalf of your crew and those on the flight deck, I welcome you aboard. Enjoy your flight.

I always got your wing brothers…I’ll have a spot…

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Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight.

Correction: “were”

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Haha thank you oh noble sir for being the grammar police here ;)

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Sorry. Did not intend for it to come across as rude. If it did, I apologize. It just sounded funny when I read through it. That’s the only reason I picked up on it.

I know haha I’m just kidding round with you. Have a great day sir and if you’d like to join I’d be honored.

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This should be interesting.

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Count me in I’ll be there!

Welcome aboard and enjoy your flights

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Thank you for flying with us today. I am sorry lol you’re expierecnecis going to go from 1-100 super fast. Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight.

A09 please

Welcome back aboard. Enjoy your flight :)

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Wow, that is a great storyline. Sign me up!

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Honestly, I have another favorite CEO.

Thank you for sharing that. 🙄 lol if you have another you in the wrong place (severe sarcasm)

Welcome back, it’s been a while since we last saw you. Enjoy your flight :)

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You may have overlooked my post…:)

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