[Closed] Frontiers Chicago Coup @ KORD - 132100ZNOV16


Server: Training 1

Region: Chicago, IL

Airport: KORD - KPIA

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: A318 (frontier livery) or generic livery of the AIRBUS family as large as the A321.


NOTAM: hey guys what’s up!! It’s your frontier CEO host 508 back with an incredible event prepared in the minds of our warrior pilots! But first, as always, a bit of advertising sigh haha!!
If you feel Frontier Virtual is YOUR Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier then consider clicking the link supplied below and hitting the application page. I’d love to hear feedback on the event so if you have concerns, comments, inquiries, or simply appraisial of the airline’s staff, pilots, or any other specific portion, please privately message me instead of commenting in the thread. The comment section is for those incredible pilots who want to join our invasion of Chicago.

Our last event was an incredibly massive success with over 20 pilots tuning into the frequency and joining our event! OVER 20! That blows my mind. Your support is incredible.

Here are the final 16 departing KLAX
So yeah that was our last event if you didn’t catch it or had issues and couldn’t make it, consider our newest event as explained below.

Alright so let me delve into this medevial event ;) with a dictionary definition for those who are not familiar with the word “Coup”:
The sudden overthrow of a government by a usually small group of persons in or previously in positions of authority.
I hope you can gather a bit of the importance YOU will provide. We are overthrowing the Chicago region and placing Frontier as the sole government!
(For those who can’t understand, this is not meant as a political event. It’s supposed to delve into your medevial side!)

We will be departing KORD, flying out into the Chicago region and displaying the dominant force that comes with a user and forum supported airline. We need YOU 👊🏼 to win this. Below is the flightplan.


Any questions about the event itself comment below and I will be hurried to reply! Are you going to join your group of fellow pilots as they take on the great Chicago region? We don’t stand a chance without the pilots you are.

Gate Assignments:
Gate C16: _nuoneswars_
Gate C17: @JMilam
Gate C18: @Mubashir
Gate C19: @Kudzuchimp
Gate C20: a380fan
Gate C21: mike_mclain
Gate C22: Infinite.flight
Gate C23: Calt1uhb
Gate C24: Kevinlu11
Gate C25: captain_matt
Gate C26: Tecnam2ta
Gate C27: Lars_Thorein
Gate C28: EK777
Gate C29: Mix56awesome
Gate C30: @Dairell_Martinez
Gate C31: @Wren_Jago
Gate C3: eren_ersahin
Gate C4: @mlmorar
Gate C5: AdamCallow
Gate C6: @techno.02life
Gate C7: @NeperQiell
Gate C8: FirstOfficerDave
Gate C9: @baba4503


Thank you for flying image

Note: Frontier VA is not responsible for violations or user ghosting incurred whilst attending an event.


If you are interested just say so and I will reserve a gate for you. Don’t miss this event folks ;)



Hi ı am join this event please?
My nickname : turkish487

Thank you for commenting of course you can :) welcome aboard Frontier Airlines

An update, this event has been adjusted to Sunday at 2100Z due to the fact that the Olympics are on Saturdays and having both is to much haha. So if moving it to Sunday helps you be able to attend please sign up

You may add me too, but I’m not certain about my sechedule

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I’ll mark you down mate. Welcome back aboard. Thanks for choosing us again

I’ve never had a proper flight at Chicago so I’d love to give it a try:)

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Can I get C23?

Absolutely welcome back aboard! Nice seeing you sign up

Yo! just wondering what day, and time western? thx! :)

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Sounds like another great event. Sign me up. :)

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Roger that welcome back onboard gate reserved for you :)

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2pm western and 5pm eastern

No. wouldn’t that be 4 pm eastern since the time change?


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Oh right I forgot lol what I keep forgetting

This time I can participate for sure. Reserve me a Gate please @SkyHighGuys

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I’m will maybe make it to the event. But I’m not sure it is quite late for me.

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Thank you.
But ı am not have a A318 come from the face of Turkish Airlines A321 ok?

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KORD to KPIA is a flight I do every week!