[Closed] Frontier's Carolina County Skiing @ KCLT - 252100ZDEC16

Server: Training

Region: Carolina County Skiing

Airport: KCLT

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Whaaaaaats up guys it’s your Frontier CEO and host 508 back with another event. But first ;) a final thank you to those who joined especially @Hamza_Adan for taking the time to control Denver. I never properly thanked you my friend nad I feel bad. Your asssitance was incredible and having ATC made things more professional…you get the drift haha! Anyways if you liked this event, make sure you smash that website link in the face…liiiiiike a boss! (to anyone who gets that reference my hat tips to you) and find the application section. It will be my pleasure to welcome you aboard.

Do I hear it? (Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way…) MERRY CHRISTMAS! Frontier Virtual is celebrating Christmas 🎄 with a fun energetic ski flight in North Carolina.

We are going to be hitting the skies of Carolina in the A318/319-321 Flying in a Christmas Tree route while doing touch and goes at county airports.


If you’re interested in taking to the skies with Frontier while we do harrowing dangerous dives into airports with screeching tires and smoke before soaring back into the cool crisp air, comment your name below and I’ll make sure to add you into the gates. It’s going to be a blast! Ever heard that touch and goes increases your XP? Here you can combine three of the most awesome things known to the simmer (Christmas, Frontier, and TaG).
Thanks for reading this guys, this event has been long in the making so I hope to see many familiar faces.


A Gates:

Gate A01: @Tecnam2TA
Gate A02: @Ace_Rockii
Gate A03: @Cessna_Driver
Gate A04: Mix56awesome
Gate A05: Infinite.Flight
Gate A06: @MTNSNOW
Gate A07: @mike_mclain
Gate A08: @Christopher_Stewart
Gate A09: @EK777
Gate A10: @Hamza_Adan
Gate A11: @Kevinlu11
Gate A12: @Pilot8


I’m joining just because of that flight plan 😂, I’ll take Gate A04.


My most constructive tree while making it a fun flight okay 😂


Count me in

Ace welcome back aboard. You ready for some Carolina skiiing :)

Sign me up!


Sign me up! Thank you!

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Welcome aboard :)

I’m in ,may I have a gate?.

Welcome aboard. I believe we have a surprise you and I to release in our next mini event ;)

Give notice, holiday season is very busy

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Will do my friend. In slack and here.

Check this event out. The more the merrier ;) see what I did? Merrier? Christmas is a merry time?..okay bye

Although this event will not be live streamed, I’ll try to come to join the flight as a pilot. May do some filming while I’m at it.


count me in this will be fun and what time is that in eastern time. please and thank you

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4PM Eastern time

Welcome aboard my friend. I’m very pleased to have you on board.

Two days before Christmas begins. Make sure you check your schedules and sign up :) it’s going to be…well I’ll just let you see.

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Please sign me up

Welcome aboard it will be my pleasure my old friend :)

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