[Closed] Frontier's Caribbean Cruise @ TNCM - 152100ZJAN17

Server: Training

Region: Caribbean Cruise

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: What’s up guys it’s your favorite CEO and host 508 back with our newest event!
First off, if you enjoyed our last Florida 2017 kickoff flight make sure you click on the link provided below and fill out that application. We are always looking for new pilots to join our 70.

Today’s event is going to be a culmination of reentering the school atmosphere for many, and a region of pure beauty, The Caribbean.

Flight plan:

Join Frontier Virtual Airlines as we cruise through the beautiful skies of the Caribbean.

Vital InFlight Information
Cruise Altitude: FL210
Cruise Speed: 320-340 knots upon reaching cruising altitude
Climbing Rate: 3300 rpm
Departure Airport: Princess Juliana (TNCM)
Arrival Airport: Pointe a Pitre (TFFR)

Gate A01: Capt1uhb
Gate A02: morgan99
Gate A03: pilotmaster2129
Gate A04: Captain_Matt
Gate B01: @Infinite.flight
Gate B02: @Tecnam2TA
Gate B03: Rjr0112
Gate B04: @Captaink
Gate B05: @MTNSNOW
Gate C01: @ProMustafaTK
Gate C02: @CaptainSam
Gate C03: @DeltaCRJ-900
Gate C04: @Kevinlu11
Gate C05: @Flying-J
Gate C06: mlmorar
Gate C07:
Gate C08: @mike_mclain

Note: Frontier Virtual is not responsible for violations or user ghosting incurred on this flight.



Please keep an eye on this thread if you’re interacted and/or have signed up as the thread evolves during the course of the week. Have a great evening everyone.


Sign me up sir…

Sign me up! Looking forward to it:)

I’ll be happy to come if that’s ok.

Welcome aboard all of you beautiful pilots!!! Gate has been reserved for you Capt and @Pilotmaster2129 and @morgan99 welcome to the new faces :)


I’m not planning to live stream this event. Instead, I’ll make a really cool recap video. :)


Event is still open for recruitment. If you’re interested in a nice relaxing cruise, escaping the hassle of the real world, consider signing up, especially if you’re not a part of this airline. We need people and pilots like you! Fly Frontier…you never know what goodies may fly your way #ACarrierWhoCares

Welcome aboard to rjr0112 thanks for flying with us.

Can I get my usual parking spot please

On the moon? Sure head um I think second star on the right and straight on till morning.
😂 Gate reserved welcome aboard it is my pleasure having you flying with us today.

Walk up and your seat will be on the left.

Sign me up FFT2017

Sign me up!

Welcome aboard folks gate has been reserved. Thank you for flying us :)

Old friend nice seeing your face again haha welcome back aboard.

Would like to come add me please

Of course. Welcome Aboard noble friend :)

Please reserve a gate for me. Thanks

Thank yoi for flying us. Welcome aboard.

I wanna attend too but can I use a none frontier plane? 787-9 ?

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