(Closed) Frontier Virtual @ KSLC - 142100ZJAN18

Server: Training Server

Region: Salt Lake City

Airport: KSLC

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: A320 (F9 livery), A318 (F9 livery), E190 (Generic livery)



Distance: 384 NM according to Flight plan. May fluctuate to 400-500 NM if flight plan changes due to runway change.

Vital Flight Information: FL330/M0.77-M0.78. Mandatory sepp of 2nm between aircraft in front and behind. Below are the procedures if you cannot hold proper sepp.

Failure to Maintain Proper Sepp Procedures
  1. Bank to the left/right (whichever is void of traffic. If both directions have traffic bearing in on an equal altitude standpoint or under 2,000 feet from your altitude in either direction, proceed to descend and climb while banking)

  2. Complete a 180 degree bank from current heading. (Ensure your altitude is a minimum of 2,000 feet difference from the aircraft coming behind you.

  3. Decrease speed. (Slow your engines and let the guy behind you pass.

  4. If the guy behind you passes and there is enough room behind him and in front of you, proceed to bank back into the flightplan and descend or climb back to planned altitude.

  5. If there is another aircraft behind the guy behind you, continue to fly past them in the opposite direction until you receive an opening.


Gate Assignments:

As per our usual Frontier trademark, our Gate Assignments are held via our manager book. Please click on the link below to register for a gate. The second link is to our book process so you can find out your gate assignment by clicking on it after you register! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or DM me :)


FVA Events Manager

If you’d like to join Frontier Virtual Airlines, simply click on the link hidden below and we will be very happy to welcome you onboard.

Application Link for Frontier Virtual Airlines


Thank you for flying with us and we can’t wait to see you there!

  • Have this event on Training Server
  • Have this event on Expert Server

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Please answer this poll. My staff and pilots have been conferring and we feel like we should possibly drop this event to TS1 due to recent Expert Server changes.
If this applies to you and you can join if it is moved to TS1, please vote above.

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Cue to our FVA pilot popular request and a good portion here, event will be bumped down to TS1.
If you can now sign up, please do :)

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Mark me down please!

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Welcome aboard my friend! You can reserve your gate by clicking on the link above :)


Can you make sure I have a spot

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Welcome aboard :) you can register for a gate in the link above :)

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You got me sign me up

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Register with the link supplied :)

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No I’m trying to figure out when we get gate numbers. I think I applied a few days ago but I just wanted to ask when we should check about gates

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Your gate assignment is done.

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The best event in history of FVA

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If you’re still interested, make sure you sign up :) FVA gates are going fast.

Pushback for this event is in 1.5 hours, if you have not signed up, please do so before spawning in.

FVA would love to have you come with us :)

Well… Never heard that before for a event…

Ill try to be KSLC ATC for you

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I will be there for a little bit. To at least practice takeoff and landings.may be there early to do some touch and go’s. Thanks

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Please may I join, it sounds great!

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Please sign up via the event form in the main post :)

This is on TS1 will that hamper anything?

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I’ve filled in the form

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