[Closed] Frontier Virtual Airlines 2017 Homeward Bound Tour Part 1

Server: Training Server

Region: Denver, Colorado



Purpose: This is a recruitment event and a kickoff to our Frontier Tour!

Wow…well guys I am back, kicking, alive, and ready to mingle in this upcoming kickoff to our 2017, America, Homeward Bound Tour!
How many stops will we make? How many beautiful regions will we visit? Airports? Stay tuned as FVA initiates the end of its hibernation and entrance into the VA world!
Thanks again for all of your support as FVA looks to rejoin the living. We appreciate all the kind words and ideas/suggestions pointed our way.


Here is the plan: All pilots who wish to join in this kickoff event for FVA will be assigned a gate at Denver International. Upon spawning in, you will be given clearance by one of my staff or I (in a PM) to depart to any airport in the Denver region. Upon receiving that clearance you are now 100% in charge of where you fly and when you land.
You can fly with the FVA bandwagon as we circle Denver, or you can split off in your own select groups.

Gates at KDEN/DEN
Gate A32: AllegiantAir
Gate A34: Chris_Ridgell
Gate A36: Nismokits
Gate A38: Capt_Chris
Gate A40: Infinite.flight
Gate A42: DeerCrusher
Gate A44: sapper
Gate A46: Flightfan84
Gate A48: Mike
Gate A50: @Moosehead08
Gate A52: @Mix56awesome
Gate A60: @John370
Gate A28: @Q400fan
Gate A27: @Dylan_Brinkerhoff
Gate A29: @sk28
Gate A31: @Damian
Gate A33: @Derposaurus
Gate A35: @Josh7373
Gate A37: @Drew33950

This event is supported and hereby sponsored in words by the following forum pilots:


NOTE: FVA is not responsible for user ghostings, violations, or any IFATC ghosting incurred in this event


Sounds fun! Hopefully I will be able to join as I am only Grade 2


@Tecnam2TA @NEO @Balloonchaser @Drew33950 @Derposaurus @NismoKits

Please comment below if you can attend. Cheers!


Welcome aboard…gosh I’ve been waiting to say this forever…Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight! Please double check your gate assignment.

@SkyHighGuys Any gate please. This is probably my last event until my summer ends.


☝🏼Here ye’, here ye’. This guy would like a place to park his aircraft for this event. 😉


Guess who is coming to the event! Cpt Chris! Sign me up.
And give me the gate next to RoBEARTo.

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If you do Training Server I’ll do ATC!!

I believe I can make it! (Will clarify as we near the event)

Expert Server

I am a proud sponsor of this event and I support this message :P

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Welcome aboard and I believe thanks are in order! You’re awesome dude :)

We do not require ATC at this event but if ATC happens to be there…who knows?
Haha and it possibly might be expert or TS

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First FFT Event I’m gonna join!

Gate Please!

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FFT257 will need a gate please. Glad to see we are putting the bear in the air once again. ;)

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No need to thank me. 😊 There were more people behind the doings than myself. But I appreciate the kind words, and look forward to this event.


Alright glad y’all are back I would like a gate please


As of right now I will join at gate a34 please. I say as of right now because I will already be back in school (yep, I start school August 5th 😞) and if the time is subject to change, I might not be able to make it. Also, if I don’t have the a318 with the Frontier livery is it fine if I spawn in with a generic/plain livery in maybe an a320?


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Sign me up! I’ll take any available gate. Will the Frontier livery be required?

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The frontier livery is preferred but far from required my old friend. You come as you see fit in any of our frontier aircraft :)


Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight. Please double check your gate assignments (which will be posted in one hours time)



You’re a gentleman and a scholar, thanks for that my friend!

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