(Closed!) Frontier VA Inaugural PWM Flight @ KPWM - 212000ZAPR18

Thank you sir😀 see you

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Can you assign me gate 8?

Gate 8 is now you’re good sir :) welcome aboard and enjoy your flight

Gate 8 is taken but Gate 9 can. Be yours :) enjoy your flight sir!

PWM sus lucky to get F9. I wish they would come to MHT next…

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GIVE ME GATE 10, please, sorry for seeming so loud, its just I never thought I would see an event in my state.


How can I sign up for a gate? I’m really excited because this is my hometown airport!

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@hi15td just took the last gate (10). Since the list hasn’t been updated yet, let me see if @SkyHighGuys can still get you in. If he finds an extra gate, then he’ll add you to the list in the main post of this thread. :)

I was unaware of how many people would be coming. This is amazing :) well done everyone!

As such, I am scrambling to find some gates since all of the commercial gates at KPWM are taken. We may need to open a nearby airport or start using GA/Cargo Gates. I’ll get back to everyone when I have an answer.
Until then I’ll begin a list with “future” pilots at “soon to come” gates.

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Attention To All Incoming Pilots:

Due to the high traffic that Portland JetPorte will be seeing, a secondary airport to carry traffic that can’t fit in PWM has been set up just North-West of PWM.

Lebanon Municpal Airport will see 4 pilots who can spawn in over there on the day of the flight.

@JeromeJ you have been moved over to KLEB Gate 01 for the day of the flight. You’ll be joined by 3 other pilots as they attend.

Ok Thank you for letting me know l

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My pleasure sir Jerome

Lebanon Municipal is meant for GA aircraft only. Though, that’s just my opinion.
Seems weird that an A320 would go to LEB.

Try Portsmouth or Manchester, since those airports can obviously support Commercial airliners :)

EDIT: PSM is actually closer to PWM than LEB.

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Thank you for your input. The only reason I was having aircraft in LEB was because we were out of gates and I wanted a nearby airport that was close enough so aircraft departing could still be with the main group. I’ll look into the airport you mentioned.

Update to Airport:

@JeromeJ you have been moved to KMHT or Manchester. Please pay close attention to your new gate assignment.

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This event is less than 2 days away folks! If you’d like to reserve a gate please feel free :)

Sign me up! Live is working

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Glad to have you back :) you will be starting in KMHT as PWM is full. Just follow the other guy also at that airport.

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Event pushback is in 1 hour and 45 minutes!

If you’d still like to make it, there is time to sign up :)

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Why I have already a gate😂 sorry I forgot that I signt up already I have a gate at the normal airport where must I take of now

Haha I should have seen that. My apologies ;) and thank you for bringing this to my attention, I don’t normally expect people to split themselves in half.


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