[Closed] Frontier Thanksgiving Thursday @ KCLT - 242200ZNOV16

Server: Training

Region: Charlotte NC

Airport: KCLT

Time: 2200Z

Aircraft: A318 (frontier livery) or A319-321 (generic livery) 🦃


What’s up guys it’s you Frontier CEO and host 508 back with our Holiday Special. As always though, a little recruitment.
If you guys attended our last massive event or any events prior to that and have not yet pursued the idea of joining, consider clicking the link provided below and I’d be more then happy to welcome you aboard.

🦃 Our last event was proud host to 20+ frontier pilots all dispersing amongst the Denver Region. Pilots went to KASE, KEGE, KDEN, KCOS, KPUB, and some smaller delta airports.


Moving on to our Holiday Special for all the Americans on board…Thanksgiving! As most know, this Thursday I said the American Holiday called Thanksgiving where we eat lots of food, gain five pounds, and fall asleep.
So, bet you can’t guess, we are going to celebrate this Thanksgiving with a frontier flight in…drumstick 😂 I mean drumroll…Charlotte, one of the biggest states that breeds turkeys in America. So I figured it was suitable to have a turkey flight in the region of turkeys, home bird for our dinner plates.


We will be flying a large around Charlotte in honor of turkeys ;)
If you can come please sign up and I look forward to seeing you in the skies of Charlotte on Thursday, flying frontiers Holiday Special!
Because of this event, the week following thanksgiving will be free of all frontier hosted events. So if you miss this it’s one and a half weeks till our next event ;) so don’t miss out.
Also don’t forget to check our Instagram and YouTube pages, links found in our official thread.

Reserved Gates:
Gate C02: Tecnam2TA (LiveStreaming Event)
Gate C03: @Derposaurus
Gate C04: @Captain_Brenneman
Gate C05: @Knarjae_Warner
Gate C06: @GoofierLeek
Gate C07: @Kevinlu11
Gate C08: Infinite.flight
Gate C09: @Cessna_Driver
Gate C10: @Mix56awesome
Gate C15: @Tristan_Stanford
Gate C16: @Ethan_Hansen
Gate C17: @mike_mclain
Gate C18:
Gate C19:

Here is our LiveStreaming link that will go live on Thanksgiving at 2200Z!



Wow events every week!


This is a very rare event. A midweek special. There will be no frontier event next week because of this.


Oh so it’s rare because it’s Thursday?

Lol no it’s rare becauase it’s Thanksgiving.

write down me. I’m joining

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Welcome aboard my friend

Great event theme, definitely sign me up for this event. :)

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No worries. I’m “thankful” to welcome you back aboard :)


Hey I would love to join but I don’t know what time it is for me. So what time zone is it and what is one big city in that time zone so I can translate it. But other than that problem I would love to join! Thanks

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This would be m KLAX time or the western area. It would be 6pm Orlando Florida or eastern coast time

I’ll mark you down and you can back out if you have to :) thanks for flying Frontier Airlines during this holiday.

Reserve me a gate please!

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Frontier looks like a great real world airline although it has had major changes throughout its life. Great to see the VA is going so well!


I see what you did there ;)

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Count me in!

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Thanks for signing up.

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I really appreciate your kind words. I’ll relay them to my pilots. If you’re interested in joining I’d like to be the one to welcome you aboard this event. If you’re just passing through I tip my hat to you. Any questions on this airline just message me and I’ll be absolutely thrilled to answer.

I would love to join

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Welcome aboard I hope your in the festive mood ;) for this food filled frolic. On behalf of Frontier Virtual I welcome you aboard.