[Closed] Frontier Denver Cruise @ KDEN - 221500ZOCT16

Because it is a event hosted by the Frontier VA.

By the way Frontier VA is awesome.

Nice looking event, however needs to be in the EVENT Category rather than the VA one. Good luck!

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Everyone who reserved a gate has now been put in :) thanks guys and welcome aboard

You interested mate? And thanks for fixing that lol I get confused as to which one a va event should be posted in

Sign me up! :)

What time is the event mountain time?

Oops this already happened. Derp.

It hasn’t happened yet it’s been delayed to the 22nd at 1500Z just use that and convert it to your time

Saturday, at 11AM EST, good time! I’m gonna attend!

Ya I will can’t wait. :)

I’ll mark you down my friend :) Gate A33

Gate A34 for the best ;) welcome aboard Frontier Airlines

Sorry can’t make it, but sounds interesting.

FYG : All events need to be under the Events catagogry. The VA catagogry is for all discussions about VA. only one thread per VA. hope that helps?

Ah I think I understand now thank you :)

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Two days my friends until this amazing event begins. Don’t wait last minute…sign up now 😅

Look so cool, I’ll sign in!!


I’m glad to have you onboard. Welcome to Frontier Virtual Airlines. Your reserved gate A25 is awaiting you!!

Heads up to all other reserved pilots, event begins in 18 hours
@anon20272091: @Dr_Danniel_MD : @Dairell_Martinez : @Flightfan84: @CPKJ: @Cessna_Driver: @AdamCallow : @EK777: @ClarenceTheAvgeek @Q400fan


I sadly won’t be able to attend @SkyHighGuys


I’ll come to the event

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Man man man :/ okay hate seeing you go

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