[Closed] Frontier Denver Cruise @ KDEN - 221500ZOCT16

Everyone you see here is only a portion. Others spawned in after takeoff. So many pilots #frontierva
A wonderful event staffed by IFPMs finest @Cessna_Driver


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Simply beautiful

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im so sorry I missed the event cause of my personal stuff 😭 See you guys if there’s another shot haha

Would you like to come to Frontier’s VA 1 month anniversary and 100+ flight event?

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Looks like Saturday events are going to work out in your favor! Congratulations to all of you at Frontier VA, your event was a great success!

Haha thanks. Our anniversary event might be on a Monday or Tuesday around 2000Z so if you can come then…🙂

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Good job everyone! It was fun being ATC for this event but I do apologize as I had some connection problems during the takeoff process.

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No worries. Sad not having you aboard our flight but it was nice having the brief ATC :)

: @Kyle0323: @Dr_Danniel_MD: @Dairell_Martinez: @Flightfan84: Infinite.flight: @CPKJ: @TheBigBadBag: @AdamCallow: @EK777: @ClarenceTheAvgeek: @Q400fan

Consider checking this out if you enjoyed the event or are looking to join a Frontier hosted funness ;)

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How about right now? You know what I’ll be in.

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Haha sorry unfortunately I’ve just gotten finished wrapping up my event from like six hours ago.

I’m always free to fly 0330Z

Just found your poll, disregard this one.

Cool! 😊 Thank you
When is the D-Day?

The main thread is out :) you can find it. Also vote in the poll

Ok I’ll check it out

Thanks guys for the event last night I was in Frontier flight 318 as callsign I was first to take off and I was angry with my landing because I nose dived

No worries mate haha thanks for flying frontiers friendly skies with us :)

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