[Closed] Frontier Denver Cruise @ KDEN - 221500ZOCT16


Server: Training Server 2

Region: Denver, Colorado

Airport: KDEN - KCOS

Aircraft: A318 (Frontier Livery. If you don’t have this aircraft go to our website and see what craft we fly. Come in generic)
Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: Frontier Virtual is overwhelmed at the amount of support received in our last kickoff event as partially shown below. It was so beautiful to see all the frontier aircraft flying in Denver.
Now we are shifting gears flying from a massive beautiful airport to a smaller less known airport! Sign up and join us for the flight and landing.
Frontier VAs Website: http://frontiervirtualairlinesif.weebly.com/

Frontier Virtual is offering many routes. Upon takeoff of designated runway, climb to FL25, speed at 320 upon clearing 10,000 feet.
Please observer proper separation. Do not get within 1nm of each other just for safety sake.
In the unlikely event of a possible mid-air crash, climb or descend rapidly to escape proximation. Do not simply continue flying. Try to make this realistic.
Flightplan: image

Concourse A:
Gate A24: @Kyle0323
Gate A25: @Dr_Danniel_MD
Gate A26: @Dairell_Martinez
Gate A27: @Flightfan84
Gate A28: Infinite.flight
Gate A29: @CPKJ
Gate A30: @TheBigBadBag
Gate A31: @AdamCallow
Gate A32: @EK777
Gate A33: @ClarenceTheAvgeek
Gate A34: @Q400fan
Gate A35:
Gate A36:
Gate A37:
Gate A38:
Gate A39:
Gate A40:


This event is open for all pilots, grades don’t matter. Sign up and reserve your gate before it gets taken.

Sign me up

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Please note the region has changed as our pilots have desired Denver as our region for events. Take a quick peek at our new flight plan…hope it is more desirable for ya’lol ;)

Anyone want to see what our last event looked like? Don’t miss out on the action!

@SkyHighGuys, Sign me up :)

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Will do boss ;) you have been selected and reserved at Gate A26

I will come

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Marked you down my friend…reserved Gate A25

Thank you @SkyHighGuys ;)

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No worries I hope you look forward 🙂

Count me in @SkyHighGuys !!! Gate 27 please.

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Will do my friend :) glad to see you aboard. And as you noted ;) Gate A27 is reserved for you

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Gate A28 I’m in.

Welcome aboard Frontier Airlines! Gate A28 is yours for the taking my friend.

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I’d love to come my events suck though no one ever notices them though.

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Just look at the events that do get attention and figure out what creates that amount of onlookers. And I’ll mark you in as Gate A31

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@SkyHighGuys please reserve a gate for me.

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I’ll come along.

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Why is this in the VA category…

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