(Closed) Frontier Colorado JoyRide @ KCOS - 302000ZAPR17

Server: Expert

Region: Denver Region

Airport: KCOS

Time: 0200Z

Frontier Airlines: A318
Frontier Expresswats: Dash 8 (generic), E170 (generic)

Top of the morning to ya lads,
This eventwill be celebrating the grand opening of Frontier Virtual Expressways, FVA’s new subsidiary. The following is the flightplan information flight details.

Flight Plan I KCOS --> KASE

Frontier Virtual Airlines is celebrating the beginning of FVE by participating in its opening event. If you come please try to come in either the Dash or E170.
The reason for this odd bit of mountain flying is to invigorate folks into flying with FVE, a mountain regional carrier, who flies solely around mountains! So if that sort of flying appeals to you, feel free to check out our FVE website and join by clicking on the application link. All grades are accepted.


If you would like to book a ticket aboard this flight (maybe you cannot attend the event but you still want to participate), than feel absolutely free to fill out the booking site form below and you will get not only a confirmation email with all of your flight details and your boarding pass, but you will also be reached in private message by FVE staff to explain IFE and Inflight Menu offers.

Gates at KCOS:
Gate 1: @NismoKits
Gate 2: @Tecnam2TA
Gate 3: @Infinite.flight
Gate 4: @Cessna_Driver
Gate 5: @Mike
Gate 6: @sk28
Gate 7: @mike_mclain
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 10
More gates will be added as needed

Join Frontier Expressways Now!

Frontier Virtual Expressways

Join Frontier Virtual Airlines Now!


(Note: Frontier VA and FVE are not responsible for any ghosting, user reports, or violations incurred on this or any frontier event)


@mike_mclain @mike_mclain @Drew33950 @Derposaurus @sk28 @NismoKits @CaptJackson @Mix56awesome @Dairell_Martinez
Please comment if you can make it.


You can sign me up. 👍

Welcome Aboard Mate! Enjoy your flight. With which carrier are you flying today?

May you list the options please.

Frontier Virtual Airlines or Frontier Virtual Expressways

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Ill take the old regular 😋

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Sign me up my friend!

Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight.

I’ll be there for the event.

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Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight!

Thanks! I’ll be flying FVE just to let you know

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Glad to see our first FVE pilot friend person ;)

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We are stil looking for eligible pilots to join our flight in two sundays. If you’re interested in doing some regional and long region flying, check this event out :)

Event is just around the corner and a hip a hop a hippity hop hop away. So if you’re interested in gliding around the Denver Region with regional and long haul aircraft, make sure you give this event a chance!

Credit goes to Matt on our Insta

Event is tomorrow. If you can make it this is your last chance to sign up :)

Im there, can I have a gate?thanks

Welcome aboard Mate :)

I’ll try my best to make a video of this event.

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On a mini vacation with the wife. Probably wont make it sorry guys.