(Closed) Frontier and Volaris take to the Skies

Server: Training Server

Region: Mexico City Airport

Departure Airport: MMMX

Arrival Airport: KDEN

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: Airbus A320 Frontier Livery and Volarios Airbus A319 Livery

Crucial Inflight Information:
Cruising Altitude: FL380
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.80
Flight Plan: When you spawn in, find FFT508 and copy designated flight plan.

Backstory in Codeshare Agreement

For those who don’t know, Frontier announced just yesterday that they have officially reached a codeshare agreement with the fellow Low Cost Carrier Volaris Airlines in which they will offer cheaper flights into Mexico and allowing Volaris to expand rapidly throughout the US, including adding 80 new destinations. Volaris and Frontier Codeshare Deal. The full story is being shared at Aviation Week, Denver Post, and many other Aviation websites and groups. For further information on how this will impact the Low Cost Carrier movement in the US and Mexico, follow the link above.

Frontier VA is proud to follow our real world counterpart and have begun planning new virtual airline international routes out of Denver and Houston Intercontinental Airport into Mexico including
These routes are not as of this posting of this event valid to log by our pilots, but we do hope to put them into service soon. Updates on how this will affect Frontier Virual can be found on our main forum thread.

Gate Assignments?

Terminal 1, Gate 01: @AndrewWu (Volaris A319)
Terminal 1, Gate 02: @Justin_Polanco (Frontier A320)
Terminal 1, Gate 03: @Krunchy_Toast (Volaris A319)
Terminal 1, Gate 04: @Matt737 (Frontier A320)
Terminal 1, Gate 05: AviationFreak66U (Frontier A320)
Terminal 1, Gate 06: @Niklas3 (Frontier A320)
Terminal 1, Gate 07: @NationofAviation (Frontier A320)
Terminal 1, Gate 08: @ryleyw16 (Frontier A320)
Terminal 1, Gate 09: @Amla (Volaris A319)
Terminal 1, Gate 10: @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly (Frontier A320)
Terminal 1, Gate 11: @William_Chin (unknown)

The reason for using this old system instead ofour events logbook is because I’m to busy to keep updating it while our tech staff member is out on break right now. So please bare with us as we use this archaic system ;)
I don’t have a lot of gates right now because I’m not sure how high in demand this event will be. There are many more available gates, I’ll just be adding them in as people sign up.


Looks fun! Can I have a gate?

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And what airline will you be booking onboard today? Frontier A320 or Volaris A319? :)

Volaris A319 :) nothing against Frontier of course

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Let’s do it I think I need a gate

No offense taken at all. There’s a reason I opened it to both carriers :)

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What airline are you flying?

I’ll use the Frontier A320

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Roger that. Welcome aboard :) you have Terminal 1 - Gate 02

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What will be the date?

The date, as shown in the title of this event, is January 28th

Good event! Also, you had Houstan Intercontinental, when it should be Houston, with an “O.” I’ll check my schedule, and I’ll get back to you if I can go.

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Oh sorry lol

Can i take a gate i will be using Volaris a319

Absolutely :) Welcome Aboard. You assignment is Terminal 1 - Gate 03

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Minor mistake if you ask me 😉 but it will be fixed as per your request.

I hope you can attend :)

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I can attend, put me down with an F9 a320.

Will there be an opportunity to stop over in Houston? Or will it just be a straightforward route to Denver?

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I’ll take a gate with volaris but I apologize f I can’t attend due to lacrosse practice

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It will be a planned straight flight MMMX - KDEN.

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I’ll have you a gate.

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Thanks I apologize though if I can’t attend because I’ll have no chance to attend