[Closed] Frontier Airlines @ KDEN - 222000ZOCT17


Server: Global Server

Departure Airport: Denver International Airport

Arrival Airport: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Time: 2100Z (The event will be 5 PM Eastern Time so I’m hoping I got the event time right

Aircraft: Airbus A320 (Any of our new animal liveries) Airbus A318 (Chloe the Fawn)

Route: As global has not yet been released I cannot fully state our flightplan but as of now, we are planning a southbound departure off of the 17s or 16s so keep that in mind.

Fuel Needed: Please plan ahead of time and fuel up for a 2.5 hour flight even though it should only take 1.5 hours flight time.

Normally this would be where I place the list of gates, but since I’m anticatiping a huge turnout with FVA pilots and forum pilots, my staff and I, specifically Daniel, created this form that lets you book exclusive gate numbers for our event without cluttering up this page.
In order to reserve a gate, please fill out the form provided right beneath this sentence.

If you run into any troubles while finishing this, please leave feedback for our crew so we can fix it before our next event.
And that’s all I have for you really. It feels weird not typing out all the gates at DIA. Oh something else:

Frontier Airlines operates solely out of gates A30 through A48 all even gates. So when booking your gate please keep that in mind. Or you can let us book your gate for you by selecting the option to have a staff member book your flight. All the instructions are in the form above.

The link below leads you to our main forum thread where we will be releasing updates as global draws near.

I did forget to mention this will also be our second to last flight with the A318 out of Denver. So if you’d like to pay your respects to this iconic aircraft that’s been a part of FVA for over a year, please consider coming n the A318.

The A318 Has flown hundreds of flight hours and continues to be the workhorse of our fleet. On November 1st, the last flight of the Airbus A318 Chloe the Fawn Livery out of Denver Airport will take place. More details will be shared as the date draws near.

Please click on this link to find out what gates are taken and what events are happening. Consider this the center to all events at FVA. You can find this notice on our main page as well.


Sign me up! We are going to land at my favorite airport, I can’t wait for this event.

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I’m very happy you are looking forward to this event. That means a lot :P

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Same here. This is going to be a great event. I’ll be there.

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I’m very happy to hear that :) welcome aboard and enjoy this global fight.

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My apologies. @Chris_Ridgell @Mix56awesome If you guys were interested, you can find all the information on our event following the link below or the one in the thread that I’m posting right now.

@Chris_Ridgell @Mix56awesome if you can attend this event please fill out the form.


That is a really good idea, just added it to my phone.

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If you select the “any gate” option, we’ll assign you one. Check the link Robert shared above to see your gate assignment prior to loading in to the airport.

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Thank you for your patience everyone! Our event is back open :) In order to reserve a gate, please fill out the form.
Any questions? If so please notify your nearest staff member, keeping in mind they may be behind you (hehe).


Just making sure that peeps are aware this event is drawing near and now that you have had the chance to all fly in global yourselves, consider our route and make that crucial choice to fly with us for a 1.5 hour flight at most :)


I like y’all, it’s a neat group, even though I’m not a member of FVA. I’ll try to make it if I can.


Please fill out the form provided in the main bulk of this thread if you can make it. You’ve been a wonderful “guest” for FVA before. Thank you for your support good sir.


Thanks! I’ll fill it out just in case I’m able to make it :D

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We appreciate the gesture :)

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Im in! Sign me up! FVA 4 Ever.

Welcome aboard and do enjoy this global flight! Thanks for your continual support sir :D

To sign up and get a gate, simply click on the link in the main bulk of the thread above @Cpt_Chris

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To all and everyone who signed up including
@S_Olejniczak @NismoKits @Mike @Mix56awesome @Chris_Ridgell

Please check the link to the event registration at the bottom of the this post. Your gates have been assigned.
Just click on the “Atendee” tab and check your gate.

If you would like to sign up, event registration is still open. Simply click on the registration link and sign up.


Update up to the lovely peeps of the forums!

Our event is only 6 days out and we have 17 pilots ready signed up! THANK YOU. Remember to check ur gate assignment in the document prior to the event date. Any questions please ask them now. It’s better to know before the event then waste my time while I’m flying with my pilots on the day of the flight.
So just keep etiquette in mind.
Again if you aren’t signed up but you’d like to, please please sign up now as gates are beginning to go. I am not opening gates past Gate A18 and A52 so check the form and if there is an open gate in that set on the Even A Gates Side, please please sign up now to reserve your spot.


Quick question, if I chose “any gate” when will a gate be assigned to me?

@SkyHighGuys assigns gates every day or two. He will update it tonight. :)