[CLOSED]From Paradise to paradise! @ PHNL - 092330ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: get yer walking stick out matey!

Route: PHNL - NSFA

Time: 6:30 EST, 3:30 PST

Flight Time: 5-6 hours

NOTAM: we will be using gates 04-23 at PHNL. Bring either a Hawaiian Airlines plane, an Air New Zealand Plane or a Virgin Australia plane. Once we are on the ground in Samoa, please end flight ASAP as there are limited gates at NSFA

Flight Info

Climb speed below 10,000ft: 245kts
Climb speed above 10,000ft: 310kts
Climb VS: 2500fpm
Cruising Altitude: 37,000ft
Cruising speed: M.84
Descent VS: -1800fpm
Descend at 135nm

Flight Plan


04: @obsidianflyer - Virgin Australia 777 - Callsign “Velocity 138 Heavy”
05: @anon67310022 - Hawaiian 767 - Callsign “Hawaiian 674”
06: @The_Geniusman - Air New Zealand 777W
07: @craig_daniels - Air New Zealand DC-10 callsign - New Zealand 1 7 1
08: @United-Express - Hawaiian 767 Callsign - WTPDG02
09: @Jp_Productions - Virgin Australia 777 Callsign - Velocity 15
10: @horizonmaster03 - Virgin Australia 777 Callsign - Velocity 459
11: @Hugh_Cooper - Virgin Australia 777 Callsign “Velocity 912”
12: @Luke_Around - Air New Zealand 777 “All Blacks Livery”
13: @TheNewbieTubie - Hawaiian 767 Callsign - Hawaiian 293
14: @Turkish_Airlines_34 - Virgin Australia 777 Callsign - Velocity 777
More gates will be added if needed


PHNL Ground - @ZZBossGaming
PHNL Tower - @ZZBossGaming
PHNL Departure
NSFA Approach
NSFA Tower
NSFA Ground

This event is sponsored by
Tailwinds Flying Club! https://tailwindsflyingclub.weebly.com/

Sign me up! Air New Zealand 787-9, Gate 05! Callsign: “New Zealand 176 Heavy”

alright then! see you there!

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Can you say at the time section like November something and then 2017? It’s hard for me to read the Zulu time

25th day of the current month (NOV) of the current year (‘17) = November 25, 2017.

The date itself has nothing to do with Zulu time. You’ll understand the format eventually. :)

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Count me in
Air New Zealand 777-300ER
Is it 6:30 am or pm?

the event is at 6:30pm

Air New Zealand 777 all blacks please for gate 12

no problem mate! see ya there

so @Daniel14 has brought it up to me that this event is on the same day as thanksgiving, so I will have a vote

  • push It back one week
  • keep it the same

0 voters

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Can I have gate 7 please? Virgin Australia 777W

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Boeing 777-300ER, Air New Zealand, all black. Gate 07 works for me, callsign is Spraklin (Sierra Papa Romeo Aplha Kilo Lima India November).

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what date is the event?

If you push it back does it make the event on the 17th of November or the 2nd of December?

Sign me up, call sign is WTPDG02. I don’t mind what gate, you allocate me one. I will be coming in Hawaiian 767

Count me in, virgin Australia 777- 300er. Callsign: virgin 15

possibly 2nd of December and @United-Express and @Jp_Productions copy that

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All three airlines you just mentioned don’t fly into PHNL.

ANZ and Virgin Australia operate flights from NSFA and Hawaiian well, what do you think?

Gate 13 United airlines Boeing 777-200ER callsign United 293