[Closed] Friend Ship Farewell @ KSFO - 211200ZOCT17

Server: Expert [Global]

Region: Earth

Airport: KSFO

Time: 10/21/17 - 1200Z

NOTAM: As many of you know, United is retiring their first B747 - The Friend Ship. Known as the Queen of the skies, this aircraft changed commercial aviation. I thought it would be fitting to recreate its first flight from San Francisco (KSFO) to Honolulu (PHNL). You must be a Grade 3 to join, and there are limited spots. Please make sure you can make the whole flight, as it will be a 4-5 hour flight. We will arrive in Honolulu around 1700Z.

Flight Requirements
Aircraft: United Boeing 747-400
Grade: Grade 3
Flight Plan: R1127 R2614 VIKYU GRITL NALII R1879 PHNL
Cruising Altitude: 32,000 feet (FL320)
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.90

Please follow all ATC instruction. Make sure your call sign is the one you were assigned. See you there!

KSFO Tower:
KSFO Ground:
PHNL Tower:
PHNL Ground:

Terminal 2 Gate D52: jakevaz423 - United 001 Heavy
Terminal 2 Gate D53: B747fan - United 002 Heavy
Terminal 2 Gate D54A: FlyForever - United 003 Heavy
Terminal 2 Gate D54B:
Terminal 2 Gate D55: Justin_Chan - United 005 Heavy
Terminal 2 Gate D56A:
Terminal 2 Gate D56B:
Terminal 2 Gate D57: Rally_Vose - United 008 Heavy

You cannot request a gate after 1150Z for organizational purposes. I apoligize for any inconvenience.

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would only be able to join if it was at 1300 zulu.

any way to change time a bit?

I’ll come! Could I have gate D53? Thanks!

Actually I can’t come. The flight is too short so I’ll be sleeping while you land.

I would like gate D57.

I would like to get gate D55!

@Etrain Sorry, but I cannot change the time.

@AustralianFlyer Sorry to hear that. Hope to see you at one of my next events!

@Rally_Vose @Justin_Chan See you there! :)

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The event is tomorrow! Does anybody else want to join? There’s still time!

Can’t make it sadly. I wish I could☹️

Not a lot of time left to join! Do I have any takers?

Sign me up, but I can be a bit late by 10-20 Minutes

May I possibly grab a spot for the flight? Would love to join!

@B747fan See you there! Please find your callsign above. Try to make it as close to the start time as possible, since it is a long flight we will be pushing back at 1200Z sharp.

@FlyForever Sure! Please find your gate and callsign above.

Can i have a gate Please myfellow pilot

You can’t get a gate now we are already on Air

Join now and just fly to PHNL (Maybe you will catch them.)

Either way… Its a great flight!

Just got disconnected 15 minutes away from Honolulu due to Global Server Problem. Stinks, but hopefully we can do another flight soon!

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I got disconnect on final, was able to make it to HNL though and land (With no power) Thanks for the flight though! I hope I can make a future one of yours as well!

Wow! Congrats. I got disconnected 15 minutes out. Crashed into the Pacific. :(

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