[Closed] Friday Night Flight Group Event @ KCLT - 192100ZMAY17

Server: Expert

Region: Charlotte, NC

Airport: KCLT

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: 737-800 AA Livery

NOTAM: * We will be doing a quick group flight around Charlotte doing touch and goes. The flight plan can be seen below, but you will copy it from me, N-90D, when we are at the gates waiting at KCLT.

We will take off from KCLT as ATC tells us to. No matter what runway we take off on, you will fly to fix EAVIV shown on map. Next, we will do a touch and go at KJQF Runway 02. Next follow FPL to KVUJ, and do a touch and go on Runway 22L. Next follow FPL to KEQY and do a touch on runway 23. Follow to KCLT and follow ATC to land. Cruising altitude will be 4000 feet.

If ATC opens at any of the airports we are flying to(other than KCLT), ask for an inbound, and follow instructions if the active runway is different! And please adapt to the change and try to follow the FPL.

If need be, I will delay the event to later tonight if no one responds to give people more time.

Gates at KCLT:
Please tell me what callsign you will be using when you come!

(Gate: User ; Callsign)
A01: @Reese ; N-90D
A02: @Kyle.r24 ; N513KR
A03: @Raynaldo_Rivera ; American 1 1 0
A04: @Twocflyer ; American 1406
A05: @Hamza_Adan ; OY-HZA
A06: @Recxx ; AA451
A07: @TheBigBadBag ; N803NN
A10: @turkish534 ; American 534

See you there!


Event Starts in 30 minutes! Sign up now!

I would like a gate please. thank you

Signs me up I’ll try to make it.


Could you tell me this?

Event Starts in 30 minutes! Sign up now!

Sorry. Didn’t see that part. How about American 1406. If it gets pushed back to later today that would work better FYI. I’ll try my best to make it in 30 mins though.

Sorry completely forgot about the call sing it will be American 1 1 0

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Sign me up. Callsign OY-HZA

roger that @Hamza_Adan

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I hope you run this event later on because from what l see you have over 50 in this region now…and l get severe Wi-fi lag with over 30 in any region…so l will try to get on when your initial stampede subsides…

Event will be delayed! Details awaiting release!


Great…give me a gate number then…and l will try to be there…

roger that @Recxx. Callsign you will be using?

Can you tell me how long it will be delayed

If It is American Airlines…AA451

New time is 2100Z May 19th, 2017(Today).


Please confirm you can make it

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I can make it. Count me in

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Can I take a gate please

You got it @Kyle.r24!
You will take gate A02.

Callsign you will be using?