[Closed] Friday Night Flight By WhiteCaps VA @ KDEN - 022100ZFEB18

Welcome to Short hop Flight brought to you by WhiteCaps VA.Image%20uploaded%20from%20iOS
Event Description:Let’s Fill out KDEN Airport tonight out in the winter. We will be departing from the Denver airport using 17R cruising FL70 and heading over the great mountains and descnding into KCOS and finally arriving at 17R in Colorado Springs.please state which callsign you wish to use for the event and use it at the time of the event (only for non-members).
Server: Training

Departure Airport: Denver International Airport(KDEN)

Arrival Airport: Colorado Springs International Airport(KCOS)

Time: 2300Z
Flight Time:15-20 min approx.
NOTAM:As of now we have limited gates available , If the event receives more response we will open up more gates , you are requested to maintain a distance of 2NM b/w each aircraft after departure.
Speed:0.38M (250 knts)
Climb: +2500 ft. / min @KDEN
Descent: -1500ft. / min @KCOS
Gates Available:

Gate B80: @GolferRyan CEO
Gate B81: @William_Burke
Gate B82: @ratul_sen
Gate B83: @John_Ryan
Gate B84: @Ryan_Vidad
Gate B85:
Gate B86:
Gate B87:
Gate B88
Gate B89:
Gate B90:
Gate B91:
Gate B92:
Gate B93:
Gate B94:
Gate B95:
Flight plan:
@KDEN ground: @Transport_Hub
@KDEN tower: @Transport_Hub
@KCOS ground: @Transport_Hub
@KCOS tower: @Transport_Hub
If you want to join for the event please PM me or comment down below the callsign with which gate you want , most of all enjoy the event stay happy, healthy and blessed.😇
See you at the event!
If you want to join us you can apply in our website:https://whitecapsva.weebly.com/


can I take a gate please

Sure . I will put one for you.

I’ll take gate B84! Sounds very intriguing I must comment

Ok fine… we will post you for that gate…

Nice event! But you might want to change the date to February… Also can you bump it back by about 2 hours? I’ll still be in school.

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I would be asleep… by that time.

I’m not sure if I can make it as I’m busy till Sunday but if I do, I’ll do ATC at the airports ;)

Ok you are up for atc…

What did you say?? I didn’t get it…

I said I’d like a gate but then remembered I have somewhere to be during the time! sorry

Ohk no problem… see you soon

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