[Closed] Friday Flight - to KSAN @ KLAX - 181800ZMAR16


Start Point: KLAX
Finish Point: KSAN
Date : 18th Friday March 2016
Time: 6:00pm GMT (1800ZTime)

Aircraft: Dash-8 or B737s

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Please follow the proper events guidelines


Please use the correct title format and post in the correct category next time, so it’s properly shown in the app :)

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Don’t change the title again. It’s correct now. If your event starts at KLAX, KLAX needs to be in the title, not KSAN.

I fixed the title, it is in the proper format. Please don’t change it

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This stays in #live:events. Please help to keep this forum organized!


Sorry I had to change the title. Only FDS Staff (me) can use the “Friday Night Flight” for events. This is so everybody understands the difference between an official FDS FNF weekly scheduled event from a community general event. For best results I recommend not having a competing event on Fridays at the same times as our weekly scheduled FNF event.

That said, there will be an official FNF Dash 8 launch event this week. :)

Thank you.


we have already make a event for the Dash-8 Last Sunday. by @JFKPlaneSpotter101

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Thats great, but im still going to have our official launch FNF as it has been planned and promissed for months. The community is always wrlcome to have events. Its VERY common to see similar events after New content releases. The more the merrier. :-)


I will come in a Delta Air Lines 737-900. Callsign N739DL


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I will come in a Southwest 737-800 Callsign SouthWest 1848

I can’t go because I like flying in a Delta 777 on a Saturday morning