[CLOSED] French National’s Day Flight Parade by IFSFG @ LFOE - 141600ZJUL18

Server: Casual

Airport: LFOE

Time: 1600Z

Hello Everybody!

today it’s the French National day and every year there is a military parade on the world’s famous avenue, Champs Elysées, in Paris. The opening of this Parade is a flight parade above the Champs Elysées and the presidential tribune.

IFSFG invites you all to proceed to this flight parade by

  • spawning in LFOE(CASUAL SERVER V2)

  • copying the fpl from IFSFGCEO Ronny MARTIN

  • taxiing and taking off behind and close to me during the whole event.

  • you can try to make formations during the flight if you want
    -stay always at 2500ft
    -max speed 240ft

airfcrafts allowed: any military aircraft, ANY:)
any aircraft in any french commercial airline (Air France, hop!, transavia, Air caraïbes).

no other strict rules, have fun by respecting anyone else and being professional(yes even on casual and without ATC).

please spawn 30min before start, as there are not many spawning spots and you’ll have to taxi to one of the parkings(see in the video/screenshots).

Cya all there!

//@RonnyMartin - IFSFGCEO




Please just comment below to tell that you will be attending, don’t need a specific gate:)

Will do my best to come!

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please start spawning and then taxiing to one of the parkings and copy my fpl:-)

We start in 3min :-)

Thank you all for joinin, it’s was fun, I’ll share later some screenshots ;)


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Managed to get a half decent picture ;)

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and here is a little recording from the event ;) enjoy it guys

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