(Closed) Formation Practice @ KEDW - 29000ZMAR19

Aircraft: F-14, F-16, F-22, KC-10
Route: Circle pattern over KEDW
Time and Date: 0000z 29 March, 2019. Time conversion available here.

Server: Training

Additional Information: You MUST have a discord account. PM me for the discord server link. This is required to make communication between pilots easier.
Reply if you would like to participate. Only 4 people are being accepted.

Please have a look here how you can set up a Group Flight announcement on the community, as your title is incorrect.


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Also, to add on, GroupFlights have to be held <3hours after its posted here - the group flight you have posted isn’t for:

4 days 4 hours 46 mins :)
(At time of posting)

Edit: @KennedyTurner


I have moved this in the Events category, since group flights is only intended for flights within 3 hours of being posted. Please make sure to follow the appropriate format for your title that can be found below:

I’ll help you by fixing your title shortly, stand by :)

Change his title as well - its still wrong :/

It needs to be

Formation Practice @KEDW - 290000ZMAR19

Look above 👀. The title has been corrected - @KennedyTurner you are all set up!