[Closed] Formation @ KNUC 250800ZAUG16

Our formation:

Would love to be your right escort ;)

I wouldnt mind to come as left escord. I just wont be able to stay long, but if its quick…

Never mind, Im obviously too late

Ok. @Dkun CCX 2
@Vetruschka CCX 3

Oh, comeing!

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Dont expect me to be an expert in the citicen. Ive never been in it before

Cancel. Cancel. CCX3 isn’t showing up

LOL. Nah, next time maybe

Sorry guys, small emergency over here prevented me from coming…

Guys. The flight is re-opened. Come.

Sorry. Don’t have time

MaxSez: @anon45516261… This Topic belongs in the Event Catogory.

NO! It’s a formation!
An “Event” is different than a “Formation”
And I really don’t like the whole “MaxSez” thing.

@anon45516261… MaxSez: Obviously English is your second language or you missed the comprehension class. A by invitation scheduled Formation Flight is an Event per Forum directive. FYI, Your like’s and dislikes are not my concern. Grow up, get on with it Lad.


Its an event in which you make a flight formation.

He´ll keep doing it even if you don´t like it.



Back on the topic 😤

MaxSez: Good listing for the Moderators to use to clean up all these erroneous and misfiled Topics, Thanks

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You don´t need to use all caps.

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