[Closed] Formation Flight

Anyone up for a formation flight? I just finished my homework so I’m up for anything!



  • Freeflight (I don’t qualify for Adv.)
  • Any FDS Aircraft (Not including Cessna Citation X)
  • TFFR-TNCM Caribbean region
  • Copy my FPL
  • FL150
  • 450kts

Please like this post or reply so I can get notified that you’re coming


@Sturmovik so ur coming right?

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I´d love to, but I don´t have Live. Though it seems like a good idea. Give the time time, and you´ll have someone as your wingman.


I’d come but I’m was disappointed that I saw {Closed}

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If u wanna come, I’ll reopen :)

Playground or Free flight

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Freeflight, playground was so dumb yesterday at TNCM

Which Region???

Caribbean region

Gate at TFFR?

Gate 39. Make sure u go at FL150 and 450kts :)

Im in an Air canada A330 callsign Q235HT at gate 38

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R u sure you’re on Freeflight? Cuz I don’t c u

Yup, are you on free flight?

Yeah, I am

Checked on http://www.liveflightapp.com/ and I’m the only one in Caribbean

now I see you

I c u now! I’m taxiing

now your gone

I may have to quit in mid flight so…

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