[CLOSED] Formation Flight at Hawaii @ PHNL - 261800ZAUG17

Today at 1800Z, I will be flying a formation flight through Hawaii! The flight will take about 40 minutes, if not, more.

Server: Expert

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL(Honolulu Intl.)
Destination Airport: PHTO(Hilo Intl.)

Time: 1800Z

Cruising Altitude will be at 12,000ft.
Speed will be at 240 kts.(To catch up, you have to fly faster)
If I fly in front of your plane, it means I want your attention (copy my fpl again or start descending at 1000 fpm)
Aircraft - A-10
Copy my (Xpheros) Flight Plan
Listen to the ATC if it is online!
And lastly, have fun! :)


MIL ALPHA 01 : Xpheros (D-EJS)
MIL ALPHA 02 : @AdamTanA350 (N5HX)
More gates will be added if needed

Happy Landings! :)


Do u mind if i come in an F-22?

No, I am sorry, it has to be the A-10 since it has autopilot


Ok no prob!I’ll be there!

Great! Could you give me your callsign?

Ok, signed you at mil alpha 02

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Looks like it will be just the two of us!Which is great bc it wouldnt be that messy amd we can cooperate more easily

Well, there is still about 6 hours. We will just have to wait and see! :)

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I will love to join but i cant join the expert server I’m only grade 2

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3 hours left guys! :)

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Maybe next time I will do it on the Training Server. :)

Starts in 30 minutes! @AdamTanA350

8 minutes left, get ready! @AdamTanA350

@AdamTanA350 I am spawning now, see you there!

Just landed at PHTO
Where were you? @AdamTanA350

Im so sorry I couldnt fly with you!I fell asleep already bc my country’s timing was really off of the event’s time.

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