(Closed) Formation / Close Proximity Flight @ KPSP - 2000ZAPR12

Server: ATC Playground

Region: South California

Airport: KPSP
Be on the ground in Palm Springs by 2000Z

Time: 2000Z 12/04/16

NOTAM: A close flying experience above the skies of California.
We will climb to FL160 then have a fly around in especially close proximity. I’ll be flying in the A320, take something similar. PM me if you are willing to come.

This is a unique flying experience which doesn’t naturally occur.
Do not break any server rules

Is this next month? ie. May?

Sorry, no today I’m ahead of myself!

Roger that rhino 83 will be flying 737-8 ryanair will be at location @2000 Zulu

@Ryan_Keith @AdamCallow
Fantastic I’ll meet you at KPSP later along with Huw. Basically it will be wing to wing flying experience at 16,000ft. I’ll take off, hold in the air, you and Huw will take off then we will fly up to 16,000ft and have some fun flying in close proximity.

I will try and come along.
I’ll show up in an a318 in Fds livery with the callsign MANX365

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Just to let you know the date format in the title is wrong it does not show up in the menu anymore

Also what are your call signs so I know who to look out for.
Should we use a flight of x callsign

@AdamCallow @Ryan_Keith @Huw
Jake Brimble - Speedbird 236 - A320
Huw - American 135 -A321
Ryan - rhino 83 - 737-8
Adam - MANX3 - A318

Need to add ‘flight of 4’ into our call signs
See you on the ground @ KPSP

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@AdamCallow @Ryan_Keith @Huw



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Thanks for doing this! I really had some fun!😎🛬


No problem, I enjoyed it very much too.

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