(Closed) Flying High in Caribbean @ TFFR - 011600ZAPR17

Thank you for joining the event. Your gate has been assigned.

Thank you for joining. I have assigned your gate.

Sorry I can’t come to this event anymore

Noted. Thank you for informing.

For those following DST, event will be at 1700hrs.

3 minutes are left for the event. You can start spawning @AirForceAce95 @I_AVION_I @nath8730_nath8730 @ayush_tiwari @rohaim_khedr at your assigned gates.

You can copy my Flightplan for the event.

We will takeoff from runway 30.

Try to maintain air speed 190 - 200kts

Hi, my call sign is Cathay777 and I will use B787-10. I want to join and use gate 19.Thanks.

At waypoint ILORA we’ll start our descend

This is my first time on a casual server

If anyone has taken screenshots, please post them.

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