(Closed) Flying High in Caribbean @ TFFR - 011600ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Carribean

Airport: TFFR

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: For this event, we will be flying in an F22. As the topic title says, we will reach FL500 for flying. Our route is from TFFR-TNCM. We will try to catch some speed after takeoff so as to get FL500. Speed, heading, e.t.c will be given during the event.

Comment below to reserve your gate for the event!

So, who’s in for the fun event?

Gates at TFFR:

Parking Gate 11: @AirForceAce95
Parking Gate 12A: @I_AVION_I
Parking Gate 14: @nath8730_nath8730
Parking Gate 15: @Jet_Airways_995
Parking Gate 16: @ayush_tiwari
Parking Gate 17: @rohaim_khedr

More gates will be added if needed.


So a short flight and FL500? Really!?


Intensive and challenging.

During the event.How? Then on casual is no ATC!

No ATC, command will be given on forum.

Then change it in the event description!

I could stay at 50,000 feet for only 1 minute image


Great! It will be fun.

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I don’t think I’ll be able to climb to FL500 In a 737, I would struggle to climb to FL400, please change the altitude :)


Sure! I have assigned you a gate.

I’d like to join too.

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Thank you for joining. I have assigned you a gate.

I’ve done some testing and it’s possible. Also, there’s a glitch starting at Mach 2 where the plane starts shaking like it’s having a seizure, especially over 1400 knots.

We may not reach up to Mach 2 to during the event.

I will come for sure

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Gate 14 pretty please

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I want a gate please!

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Hey can I get gate 12 a

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Thank you for joining. Gate assigned.

All right. Gate reserved!