[CLOSED] Fly With Me...Spot Me...Fly For Me

Hello hello…it is me ;) okay I’m joking I’m an alien
Anyways I am headed out for a flight tonight, if you want to hop on board with me that would be awesome otherword try and spot me and tag the photo!!!

One final thing…if I get enough people interested I may open KDEN again! So write in the comments if you would like that @elisua @Emil_Broe etc

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Where are You flying ?

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In Kuala Lumpur hopefully…on advanced server. Also I won’t be flying for about thirty minutes because I am out for a shower

Just tonight I’d give people the heads up so they can prepare or sadly reject

Maybe post the time in Zulu

I’m in ! Do you have a flight plan ?

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Im in also!

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Yes, I believe I can fly with you.
However, Emil is probably on a plane right now. He’s heading over to the US.

Let me know when you’re ready.

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Alright and I’ll post a picture of the flight plan when I get it. If possible, I’d appreciate it if we could all be in the same liveries lol ;)

I can’t come, my live expired.
When I have a live subscription- Nothing much happens, got crashed into by a noob.

Wen I don’t have a live subscription- Cool events, Laura is online and the 787 update is just around the corner. sigh

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Will do. Give me max of thirty minutes to take a shower

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Im already there in an ANA A321, but if I need to I could leave and respawn.

Ouch I am glad I don’t feel that pain tbh. But you can see from the pictures.
That’s another thing guys TAKE PICTURES all

Let me hit the shower and I’ll come back. Also try and stick with all the same livery…WestJet A320? Any A320 liveries? Just shout out an aircraft guys

I like Spirit or Easy Jet but that’s just me. Okay I’m off for the showers bbl

We don’t have A320 west jet.

Can’t do A320 I don’t have the aircraft.

What aircraft do you have? A318?

a321… everybody have it

No A319 or 18

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I have it yes