[CLOSED] Fly With Me (PHTO - PHNL) TS1

Looking for people that are interested in a live flight with me, from Hilo International (PHTO) to Honolulu Internation (PHNL)

Come join me now, in the Hawaii region for a 200nm+ flight! Time for the long-haul! Haha :)

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Did you stop by KSJC TS1 last night?

I would but I’m too busy doing a 7200nm long haul 🤷🏼‍♀️


Ok haha, on a real plane? Haha or Global?

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Yes, on Training Server 1. Why? Haha

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Oh wow!
That is a long flight!!

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I thought I recognized your name, that’s all. I was your controller. Apologies for the completely off topic question, I should’ve DM’d that one. Enjoy your long flight!


That’s a massive flight haha, wonder how long that would take

Ok, thanks. I was just wondering. Was a bit random haha

I’m with you. Should we arrange private comms?

Sorry didn’t realize you where there, that is why I took off.

BTW going to a flight level of 17,000

On my way up. What airspeed will you cruise at?

I’ll cruise at around 300kts to 305

Maximum for me is 270kts before overspeed

I’ll see if I can extend my warp field around you. Stabilize the dilithium matrix.

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BTW Landing 08L :). ,

Little bit of turbulence up ahead btw just a heads up

rgr, thx.

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I would put the seatbelt sign back on a keep the passengers safe. :)