[Closed] Fly Emirates, Qatar or Etihad @ EHAM - 131500ZMAY16

ok im coming after the skyliner event is only one routes


ja oke, ik moet nu ook nog even huiswerk maken :(

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ok good homework see in 1 hrs

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you can ask if there are more people

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would u like

here is a form [Closed] Skyliner Air | Flight Down South @ EGSS - 211700ZMAR16

i hve asked

Thats possible

can you see me

I’m on my way to EGLL now, Tomson 857

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come to London Heatrow parking gate 220.

Roger that 😉

@turkish534 come to Heatrow

taxing to 27R

I’ll follow 😀

I’ll go to 27L

we wait to @turkish534

Ok I’ll hold short

@turkish534 taxie to 27R

Let’s take off at the same time 😉