[Closed] Fly Emirates, Qatar or Etihad @ EHAM - 131500ZMAY16

Hi guys we guard an event fly with a Fly Emirates, Qatar or an Etihad

Server: Advanced server.

Time: 1500Z.

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Airport: EHAM, EDDL.

NOTAM: We fly from Schiphol to düsseldorf then we fly to Schiphol.

We fly from Schiphol to Dusseldorf,
Then we stand there in the parking lot and then we fly back to Schiphol.
We Go again there are on the same spot als that does do not worry if it does

not work but the A380 should be on parking: G9
and Qatar
Parking: G7

I’m looking for someone who want to fly with Fly Emirates A380 which then has to
Parking : G9
and then also someone with a 777-300ER Qatar
Parking : G7
those planes are always in the parking lot

The others who want to participate need to another but in a G
therefore, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7 (not), G8, G9 (not)

you need a Fly Emirates, Qatar or Etihad (no cargo)

Have a great day and have fun.
I’m looking for someone who wants to be the ATC!
My call sign: PH-17MD. Say as if you’re playing and when you’re playing then say what your call sign is.


What timezone is that? :/

Hi there

I changed the title to the proper events format. In the future, please refer to this guideline:

From 12 to 10 at night (Dutch time)

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Let’s Start Now. We end tonight 22:00 Dutch Time. 👍🏻😃

This is way too early

No? Why is this time too early?

The event starts about 2 hours!😀

but another hour!!😃😃

I have a scheduled flight from EHAM-EDDL through my VA(American Airlines). Do you mind if I fly AA?

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No hear no problem

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We will fly together?

I will fly at around 4:30PM EST, 3.5hrs from now

He has now begun will is all there and what are your call signs

Air Berlin 1932 I’ll go there now in a Q400 ;)

Sorry I have to I soak’m sick and am only 12 years so have asked sry bet the next time I want to fly with you.



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what really nice👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎👊🏻

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Nice flying ! :-) most go arround on 2nd photohehe

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