[Closed]Fly Emirates A380-800

[Closed] Emirates A380-800 @ICAO -122000ZJUL19

  • Aircraft and Livery: Airbus A380-800:

  • Route: YPPH - LTBA

  • Time of Departure: 2000Z

  • Server: Training

infiniteflight infiniteflight infiniteflight infiniteflight

  • Additional Information: This flight done and big plane is safe landing at Ataturk Istanbul International Airport

For future reference,

So, I personally found this out myself, where it says “ICAO”, you need to put the airport code, you can easily look up the airport code on google. For example you would put “YPPH” in where it says “ICAO”, so the title of this topic should be “Fly Emirates A380 @YPPH DDZZZZMMMYY”

DD- Type the day of the event. (Today would be “13”)
ZZZZ- Zulu Time of the event. (If you do not know Zulu time I would recommend using google)
MMM- Month of the event (This month would be JUL)
YY- Year of the event. (This Year would be 19)

Edit: If I were a regular I would have changed it for you! However I am not a Regular quite yet. 😔