[CLOSED] Florida Panhandle Landing COMP @ KECP - 011830ZJAN18

Server: Casual

Region: Florida Panhandle

Airport: KECP

Time: 1830-2015Z

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I am holding a landing competition on the CASUAL SERVER tomorrow afternoon. You may show up and land ANYTIME between the above times. To enter, you can do the following at KECP tomorrow afternoon.

Fly to and land at KECP
Pattern work (with an eventual final landing)

You will be judged on the below qualities.

Smoothness (did you butter the bread or scrape the jam)
Flare (noseup or nosedive)
On Point (did you land on the target)

I will be fighter jet-ting my way around Northwest Florida Beach’s Airport to make sure incoming VR pilots can see where KECP is without looking at the map.

ANY AIRCRAFT from @Maxmustang’s SuperD to an A380 can be ENTERED into COMP. Using APPR may, I mean, DEFINITELY, will lead to DISQUALIFICATION

I’ll be there but make sure that there is a rule where no one can use APPR

Just a quick question, if you are flying around who is going to judge all of the landings?

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Maybe u could say only 737s because they don’t have APPR


I am. I’ll fly around, and judge the landings. Fighter jets have autopilot nowadays.

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You do have a fair point there…

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That isn’t really fair about the if it looks like APPR you will be disqualified rule. What if you are a skilled pilot and are able to butter using a B787. I really think you should just use something like a B747 or A330 or B737

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I’ll also be tracking incoming aircraft on LiveFlight. I may decide to spawn only when an aircraft is about to land.

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@speedbirdheavy and whoever else is coming today, the event is on, but I’ll be taking a break for lunch soon. Will let y’all know when that is. For now I’m waiting in an F-14 on the side of the hold short.

Waiting for participants. You have the whole hour until around 2015-2025Z

I was LN-EHS in the A320

I have to agree with @AllegiantAir. There’s no way of telling a very skilled pilot between a APPR mode user. A skilled pilot can land like APPR mode.

Either way, nice event, I always love landing competitions. Unfortunately, I can’t come though.

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@ItzEhs you got a score of 26/30

Smoothness: 8.8
Flare: 9
On-Point: 8.2

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