Welcome To The Pensacola Takeover!
This will be a group flight from Pensacola (PNS) to Las Vegas (LAS) Serviced by Southwest Airlines
We will be operating gates 1-10

Server: Training

Time/Date: Sunday October 6th at 0100Z

Flight instructions: We will be taking off Runway 17 at PNS. Climb to FL320. We will be landing runways 6R and 6L.

Aircraft: B737-800 Or B737-700
(Any Southwest Livery)

If you would like, You may also be ATC for PNS

PNS Tower

You may pop in at any gate available at time of event
Please enter 15 min prior to event starting

We hope you will be interested in this event! We hope to see you in the skies with us soon!

Hello make sure you meet the requirements for group flights

Needs to be within 3 hours or it’s closed and the title needs to be fixed.

Gate assignments are also not allowed

So what could I do to change it?

Fix up the title, make it within the next 3 hours and remove the gate assignments.

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What should I change the title to?
This is my first for this type of stuff

It’s says in the topic @Qantas094 posted above you start with Title @ICAO and the numbers and letters thing for info

Have it like this

What do you mean by it needs to be within 3 hours?

The group flight has to take place in 3 hours or less.

Can I change it to an event? Or would I have to create a whole new thing?

And are Gate Assignments only for Events?

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You can’t make an event because your TL1, yes gate assignments are for events.

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Keep liking and posting to get to TL2 to post in #live:events

How do I get higher?

Just keep liking, posting, being active and following the guidelines.


Would Anyone Like to fly? 0100 Zulu

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