[Closed]Flight out of KPVD @ KPVD - 211800ZAPR19

I could be ATC if you need to

Atc is full sorry☹️

We are leaving now?

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Remember to have fun have a great flight

Everyone can go now taxi to 05 and takeoff

Thank you for comeing to my event I got another event on June 2 for KJFK if you want to be part of the event the website is [4 weeks] [pilots needed] flight out @KJFK - 021400ZJUN19
Thank you
Please rate my event

Hey i’m still awake so Can i still come?

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Join in you can take off any time

Approach and Departure are now active.

We are all set thanks for comeing sorry we took off a little early

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But if you can I need a tower and ground at orlando

In 2 hours and 24 minutes

I can offer radar services to people.

That would be good

A321 Etihad

@joshua_morrissette you’re a great event runner!

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Thank you that was my first event I ever hosted

thank you for comeing did you have fun?

No I didn’t come I just saw I look at all the events you run here on IFC

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