[Closed] Flight in Pardise with Paradisair @ PHNL - 251800ZMAR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL-PHTO

Time: 1800Z (2:00PM EST)

NOTAM: This is a Paradisair event, meaning we want Hopper Airways, CityHopper, RAV, Delta Virtual, TravelSky, and British Airways Virtual there! Why? That’s who operates for us and who we operate for! Please use your VA’s call sign, plane, and livery if you attend and a a member of one of the above VA’s. If you aren’t working for any of those VA’s please come in a generic plane.
Gate Assignments: TBA

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Not really necessary, no offence but it’s won’t be huge :)

I will come if I remember :)

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I was hoping it can be a moderate size due to having multiple large VA’s invited, but might not use that. Also, I might just so If there’s only a few people we are in the same side of the airport.

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Sorry I cant be there, because I don’t have Hawaii. But I can ask some of my Hawaii based pilots to come!

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cant make it, dont have hawaii

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Anyone from TravelSky, BA, or others from Delta coming?

Me, possibly :)

I will be there!

@Ksisky, @IceBlue, and others, event has been delayed 2 hours until 1800Z/2:00PM EST

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Ok, thanks.

I plan on making it

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Where you guys at? @hmkane

Already flew it😢

You said 2:00pm est

That’s when I left, I had to leave mid flight though. My phone died

No screenshots? Did anyone come?

Not many and my phone died just after takeoff, so no screenshots

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Sorry to hear that.

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