[Closed] Flash Event - Honoring The United 747 @ KSFO - 111600ZNOV17

Flash Event
Honoring the last flight of United’s 747! Hope to see you there!

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Starting Airport: KSFO
Ending Airport: KVCV
Event Time: 1600Z

Aircraft: Boeing 747 | United Airlines Livery

United Maintenance North 08A: Balloonchaser [Lead of Event]
United Maintenance North 07A: Joseph_Krol
United Maintenance North 06A:
United Maintenance North 04A:
United Maintenance North 02A:
United Maintenance North 01A:
United Maintenance North 01C:
(More Gates Available)

A discussion about the last 747 flights:

Event starts in less than 30 minutes! Dont miss out on a fun farewell event!

This is bringing back a series by @Mark_Denton that he did a while ago.

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Sign me up! Can’t wait!

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So, when does it begin?

Event begins in about 15 minutes.

United Maintenance North 07A is yours! :)

Okay, I’ll spawn in now. See ya!

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Event Begins in 10 Minutes!

If only I could attend but I’m at school😭

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Understood! Hopefully you can attend a future event!

Flight departing in 3 Minutes! Please copy Flightplan!

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You’re descending quite early.

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