[Closed] Flash Event - Arlington National Cemetery Flyover @ KADW - 120415ZNOV17

Flash Event
Honoring our Veterans both on US Soil and fighting abroad for out Freedom aswell as for those who didn’t make it!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Starting Airport: KADW
Ending Airport: KADW
Event Time: 0415Z

Aircraft: Spitfire Mk VIII

NOTAM: We will takeoff and do a flyover of Arlington National Cemetery in a “Formation” (Attempted) and then make our way back to KADW.

West Apron 01A: Balloonchaser - Spitfire Mk VIII
West Apron 01B: PocketAviation - Spitfire Mk VIII
West Apron 01C: WHISKEY1 - Spitfire Mk VIII
West Apron 01D:
West Apron 01E:
(More Available)

Event starts in less than 15 minutes! Dont miss out on a fun farewell event!

This is bringing back a series by @Mark_Denton that he did a while ago.

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Put this in events :)
And I’d love to come but I’m currently doing ATC.

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Great Event! I will take a gate!

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What Aircraft would you like?

Spitfire MK VII please

Do we have to use a particular callsign?

Roger! West Apron 01B is yours!

Callsign can be whatever your heart desires (Appropriate)

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Definently joining this one! Love the fact that it’s on expert!

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Roger! West Apron 01C is your place to call home in 4 minutes :P

Event Begins in 5 Minutes

Are we going to have any ATC online?

No we will not. (Atleast not at this time)

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Are you going to construct a flightplan?

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Copy Flightplan. That takes us right over Arlington National Cemetery…

Lets Roll! :)


Add flight of three to your call sign

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Alt MSL: 1000’
Airspeed: 110 knts (For now)


Climb to 2000’ now…

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Rip Sorry for hitting your plane @Balloonchaser

Great flight everyone 👍🏻

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