(Closed) First USCG C-130 Florida Patrol

Follow along with the first USCG C-130 Florida Coast Patrol. You can follow along the flight here

and if you want to join along with the flight you can meet up at these following waypoints after taking off from the corresponding airports.


The loops around the peninsula so if you miss one of the airports you can always check on when the flight is heading back.

If you do decide to tag along at some point fly in a formation flight with decent separation and a difference of altitude of 1000ft. All flights will be flying at 300KIAS. If you need to fly faster (but within flight parameters) to catch up that is acceptable also. Or you can arrive to a way point before hand and loiter in the airspace for the formation to arrive.

Since the route is over 800miles, if a user needs to terminate their flight they can do so at anytime however it is suggested they land at one of the corresponding airports listed above.


Thanks for the formation! Was a good flight. :)

I got on Live flight, but all I saw was nothingness. Not even a refresh did nothing :/. I’m on iOS, so I can’t really see the C130 anyways.

Thanks for joining me I very much enjoyed it!

There is something going on with LiveFlight for me. I cant see any aircraft on LiveFlight

Me either. I wanted to see the formation, but no aircraft showed on the map on any server.

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