[Closed] First IFAO Fly-in Event! @ YSSY - 031600ZOCT15

Hey everyone! We’ve scheduled our first event for this weekend. Since this is our first event, we will allow anyone (regardless if you’re registered with IFAO or not) to participate in our event.

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSSY

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Hello everyone! Today we’re announcing our first ever IFAO event. This event will take place in the Sydney region, flying from YSSY (Sydney) to YSCB (Canberra). This is our first IFAO event, so everyone is welcome to participate, not only IFAO members. Air Traffic Control services will be available.

Time: Saturday, 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM, UTC +10 (16:00 - 19:00 GMT)

Cruise Level: FL240

Speed: 300 KIAS

We will be using real life procedures, so please make yourself familiar with them below.

Departure Chart

Arrival Chart


The Infinite Flight Airline Organization Team

Reminders for IFAO members: Frequent information is available on our website under News


Is this today?

Event name @ Airport - DDtimeZoneMMYY is the format of the details.

So the event is on the 03rd October at 16H00 ZULU

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