[CLOSED] First Hawaiian Virtual Recruiting Event! @ PHNL - 280100MAY17 (DELAYED)


Hawaiian Virtual’s First Recruiting Event!

Server: Training

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 0100Z (6:00PM Pacific, 9:00PM Eastern)

NOTAM: Hey Infinite Flight Pilots! It’s the event manager here for Hawaiian Virtual! On May 27, we will host our first recruiting event! We will fly from Honolulu to Hilo in our Boeing 717, touch and go, and then fly back to Honolulu! We will cruise at FL220 at 340 kn IAS.

@lgsfly, the CEO and myself want to build more members to join Hawaiian Virtual. If you are interested in joining Hawaiian Virtual, this is the perfect event!

Flight Plan

(Copy from myself or @lgsfly)

Gate Assignments

Gate 05: (Event Leader) @lgsfly
Gate 06: (Event Leader) @AggieAirlines
Gate 07: @PilotA
Gate 08: @BrodiePartridge
Gate 09: @jashby
Gate 10: @Luis_Vera
Gate 11: @American232
Gate 12: @leonvirshbo
Gate 13: @GlobalFlyer
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
(more gates will be available if needed)

PM @AggieAirlines or comment down below to reserve a gate!

Air Traffic Control

Comment down below if you want to be an ATC for the event! We will need…
(IFTSATC recommended)


PHTO TWR: @lgsfly

Discord Voice Chat
Here is the link to our Discord Channel so we can communicate throughout our event! Discord

Hope you can attend!

Want to learn more about Hawaiian Virtual? Check out our main topic and our website! Hawaiian Virtual Airlines

                            - @AggieAirlines (Benjamin Self) (Hawaiian Virtual Event Manager)

Ill sign up for PHNL Ground and ill join the flight from PHOG or PHTO…

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If need be… I’ll also take PHNL Tower.

The only reason why I didnt take it already is so

A. IFTSATC can possibly join in
B. So I could participate in flying and to be in the picture :)

But like I said; If needed… Ill do both! :)


I’m pretty sure I can, but not 100% sure, do PHTO tower. Check my bio; I’m IFTSATC.

I’m not 100% sure because it is so far away, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing 2 saturdays from now…


No worries man. I was a co-founder of IFTSATC when it started

Hi, I’d love to join. This event looks nice! Please may I have a gate. :)

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@AggieAirlines I would like to join. May I please have Gate 12?


I would like to join!

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Event is in 3 days, sign up!

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I will attend the event, please put me down on gate 13.

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I’ll join it put me in any gate

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For some reason I thought that Hawaii was ahead of me with the time but its actually behind… :/

See You Tomorrow! ( PHNL ATC )

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Hi this event looks nice please may i have a gate


Sorry guys, I am not able to control at PHTO tomorrow night. Going out for dinner.


Event in 1 day get your gates now!

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Reminder to @Everyone :
#Event Starts in 1 Hour and 15 Minutes!

#Try to spawn in before the set time as we would love for the event to start at 0100Z…

#Thanks! :)


ATC is online at PHNL… 2 people are here to! 15 Minutes untill event STARTS!

PLEASE spawn in 5 mins before

ATTENTION EVERYONE! EVENT IS DELAYED UNTIL MAY 28th at 0100Z Sorry for the inconvenience

Umm… Alot of people are here already…

also. I won’t be able to be ATC tomorrow

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Do want to reschedule or could I run this one… and you have another tomorrow.

(Most people who signed up may not be able go attend tomorrow anyway)

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