[Closed] First flying event! Come join! @ KSAN - 222000ZOCT15

Hello everyone as you may know I’m Dan and I want to start a daily flying event. One happens in the evening and the other at night.

Get in your Cessena 204 and come on down to KSAN pick any parking space and hold short of runway 27. As soon as I start lining up please follow behind.

The flight plan is: KSAN to KNUC and KNUC to KLAX. Maintain 10,000 Ft and try to fly in a formation

All of the events is held on the Playground server.

Meet you there!

This event will be held for a while until we have a crowd.

Event starting in 4mins!

Cessna 204?

Yeah, next event is tomorrow and it’s going to be long one!

Good luck with Cessna in playground server in KSAN. ;) you’ll be seeing lots of trash hauler coming thru your belly. little tips try L35 or KAVX for extreme landing in Southern California.

Thanks for the tough landing spot! That will be the challenge for the event tomorrow! See you there?

Cessna 204 isn’t in the game. It’s a 208 or a 172.

Schedule one for Sunday night you will have more success as tonight and Saturday have two fairly decent events.

Ok! Sunday it is!

Yeah sorry the 208

I absolutely love the more difficult landings, so any like that would be great. Make sure you tag people in the posts and get the information out there. Bad weather and atc support will always draw the crowd. I’ll happily atc if you want to go for quiet regions

That sounds amazing if you can ATC. I would love it if you could be the controller at KAVX and the region would be Southern California.

No atc ar KAVX unfortunately.

Oh great. Approach?

It would become a mess due to people going to KNUC etc. This is why for an event a quieter area is better with a well publicized private group

I will come

I need to build up a crowd first then decide the location

Yes so far there is 3 of us haha

Can we also make a live event in the morning?
I am actuelly on the other site of the world, and while your night I have school. :( I would like 8:00AM MEZ.

Sure thing!